Rueda de prensa de Kroos

Kroos: "We're really motivated to win the Champions League for a third year in a row"

NEWS | 24/04/2018 | Alberto Navarro (Munich)

"I'm expecting a strong Bayern side, it's a semi-final tie and they're obviously going to be tough opponents", stated the German midfielder.
Toni Kroos addressed the press gathered in the media room at the Allianz Arena prior to the side's final training session ahead of their Champions League semi-final first-leg clash. The midfielder previewed the showdown against Bayern in the following terms: "We're raring to get through to the next round. It's very important for us as it's our only chance of picking up any silverware this season. It was exactly the same two years ago and we won the competition then and, of course, we're really motivated to win the Champions League this time round. That has been evident in all of the rounds we've played in. To win the Champions League three times in a row would be unique. We're back and want to win it again. This year we had PSG in the round of 16, Juventus in the quarter-finals and we haven't had an easy ride".
"The team that wins this competition can say that they're the best side in Europe and for that reason, I'm certain that Bayern will also want to win it. Apart from the on-field side of things, I think that Spanish fans are more passionate about the game compared to German supporters. The two clubs are similar in size".

The opposition
"I'm expecting tough opponents, after all it's a Champions League semi-final and it's obviously going to be tricky. Compared to previous years, I think that they won the league title early on this season, but you don't feel as if they've tailed off. Bayern have given a good account of themselves in recent years. They'll want to make the final and we're expecting them to be very hungry for success".
"He's good at what he does and you can see that everything is working smoothly and I can vouch for the fact that at a club like Bayern and Real Madrid it's extremely important that there's a good atmosphere if you're to have success. It's not all just about tactics, it's also important that there's a good spirit. I experienced that myself and that's why it's no surprise that Bayern are doing so well".

Experience is what teaches you what you need to do and that's what has taken us so far.

"They're in a little bit better shape than they were last year. They had a lot of injuries then, Lewandowski missed the game here and they travelled to Madrid with quite a few injured players, the game went to extra time and that's tough on you. This year they're in good form and have been playing as a tight unit. I get the impression that there's a good vibe within the team. Our job is to change that vibe". 

Bayern's most important player
"I wouldn't get rid of any one player in particular. I've been playing alongside a lot of Bayern players for many years now in the national team, but if you look at Bayern's possible line-up, you can see that they have a lot of very good players. They're in better shape than they were last year and we've got to go out and play our game".

Sergio Ramos
Sergio is a top player and he's shown himself to be a really key player for us with the trophies we've won. Against Juventus we had the chances to score and we got through. We're now in the semi-finals and are happy to have Ramos in the squad".

"A Champions League title isn't one that you can win by spending money, if that was the case we wouldn't have won it, because we haven't spent all that much. You get the feeling that it's a special competition for a club like Madrid and we've got players that are capable of playing at the very highest level and that always helps. It's experience that teaches you what you need to do and that's what has taken us so far".

Bogey team
"I'm not interested in tales from the past. What we're focused on now is the present. We're here to play a game tomorrow night between two big teams and let's see what happens"