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Heritage Center

Historical Heritage Centre

The Fundación Real Madrid runs the Club's Historical Heritage Centre, which contains thousands of written, graphical and audio-visual documents, as well as multiple objects: trophies, flags, membership cards, posters and all sorts of relevant items.
The ultimate goal is to create a large documentation centre equipped with the latest technology. A centre that will serve the interests of the Club and also provide a relevant source of information for specialists, students and researchers who wish to access it, as well as for Real Madrid fans and members.

There are currently more than 210,000 objects catalogued, including: trophies, flags, posters, recordings, paintings, medals, slides, photographs, books, press, etc. 

The Historical Heritage Centre currently fulfils the following roles: 

  • Restoring Real Madrid's documentary historic heritage.
  • Receiving Madrid memorabilia by means of donation or loan. 
  • Serving as a base for the organisation of expositions.
  • Uncover the history of Real Madrid via the club's internal communication channels (television, website, magazines, Tour Bernabéu, etc.).


Objects and documents have been loaned out to various events, including: 

  • The Bernabéu Tour.
  • Alfredo di Stéfano biography: "Historias de una leyenda". 2010.
  • Raúl biography: "El triunfo de los valores". 2010.
  • "Santiago Bernabéu, un presidente para la historia" exhibition (December 2008-June 2009). 220,130 visits.
  • Bernabéu “Cuna y Alma” exhibition -30th Anniversary in Almansa (June 2008-June 2009). 13,000 visits. To mark the 30th anniversary of his death.
  • Itinerant exhibition of trophies and posters Real Madrid (from March 2008-December 2009). 200,000 visits. 
  • Homage to Alfredo di Stéfano (February-September 2008). Book, exhibition, documentary and statue.
  • “Pasado y Presente del Real Madrid” Exhibition in Granada, Alicante and Burgos. 2008.
  • Documentary and book for the 60th Anniversary of the Stadium. (December 2007).
  • "La Dimensión Europea del Real Madrid" Exhibition at the European Parliament (June 2007).
  • Decoration of the Real Madrid facilities (Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Ciudad del Real Madrid, "Palacio Vistalegre" and "Caja Mágica" basketball arenas).
  • Presentation of the club aeroplane “La Saeta”.
  • Film "Real la película".
  • European Cups Exhibition (2005).
  • Members badge presentation ceremony.
  • "El Rey de Europa. Historia del Real Madrid de baloncesto" book. 75th Anniversary of Real Madrid's basketball team.
  • "Cien momentos inolvidables en la vida del Real Madrid" book. 2002.
    • Real Madrid's Fifth European Cup, which stayed at the club, for the final of the Champions League in Athens in 2007.
  • History of Real Madrid Exhibition at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. 
  • Reproductions of gift posters for directors' meals with opposing teams.


Awards and Recognition

2004 - "Silver medal of penitentiary merit", for the provision of special services related to continuous penitentiary activity denoting superior initiative and dedication. 

2005 - “Christopher Columbus” Award, granted by the Miguel de Cervantes de Montevideo college in recognition of the Bella Vista Sports Club in Uruguay, for their charity contribution to the Ibero-American community. 

2005 - "Silver baton" Award from ONCE. An accolade that recognises the most relevant institution in the field of disability during the current year. 

2005 - "Fundación Pequeño Deseo" Diploma for helping the dreams of boys and girls with chronic illnesses or those with a poor prognosis come true. 

2005 - El Salvador Plaque, for the “Give them their smile back” campaign, raising money to buy toys, school material, sports kits and items for children in El Salvador. 

2005 - Fundación ONCE "Disabled persons" Plaque, for encouraging the integration of boys and girls with disabilities through sport. 

2005 - "Máster de Oro" from the Foro de Alta Dirección, in recognition of its contribution to better-distributed society. 

2005 - Asturias Madrid Trophy, an award granted by the Centro Asturiano in Madrid to the Fundación Real Madrid for its work in sports schools. 

2007 – Plaque from the COE in recognition of "its extraordinary social work". 

2008 – Award for the Fundación from the Sixth Edition of the Comunidad de Madrid Youth Awards
, in recognition of its history and its youth initiatives. 

2008 – Award from the "El Distrito" newspaper (Fifth edition), for the work in education and integration it carries out around the world. 

2009 – Winner of the Fourth Edition of the International Award for Solidarity in sport, for the "Schools united by the peace of football (Israel and Palestinian Territories)". 

2009 - Finalist of the Fourth Edition of the International Award for Solidarity in sport, for the "School for integration in Sierra Leona for the mental and emotional reintegration of child soldiers". 

2009 – Honorary Mention from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, for its special collaboration in the excellence of the Faculty of Sports Science and Sport. 

2010 - Prodis X Sports Anniversary Award, for its commitment to the integration of the people with disabilities, with the commitment to integrate them by means of various initiatives. 

2010 - Fundación Barclays "Spaces for Sport" Plaque, for the creation of a school of social integration in Aranjuez that allows young people to practise sport while they learn the values of teamwork. 

2010 – Plaque and Special Mention at the Council of Fuenlabrada's Sports Ceremony, for its support for integration by means of sport at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. 

2011 – Prize from the Sport and Development Foundation, as a finalist of the “Second Breaking Barriers in Sport Award” for the school of integration through basketball in Majadahonda. 

2011 - “Corporate Social Responsibility” Award from the Football is More Foundation, in recognition of the club and the Fundación Real Madrid 's social work. 

2011 – AENOR - ISO 9001 Certification of Quality Management Systems.


Real Madrid, through the Fundación, has set about restoring its history and making it accessible to Madrid supporters by bringing together all the fans' memories in one large museum.

In order to achieve this goal, the Fundación appeals for the help and collaboration of all those who have in their possession any historic object, by donating, temporarily transferring or loaning it for digitalisation at the Fundación. In this way, thanks to their generosity, they can be seen by all Madrid fans.

The Fundación gives every donor a donation or temporary transfer certificate, as applicable, promising to conserve the donated objects carefully until they form part of the Club Museum's reserves. 

Some objects go on to form part of the Museum's permanent collection. Others are used for monographic temporary exhibitions of posters, flags, documents, photographs, etc. 

The donations include the collection of objects and documents belonging to Mr Santiago Bernabéu Yeste, provided by his family, including his personal vehicle. 

Donate your Madrid memorabilia and thanks to your generosity it can been seen by all Madrid fans and you will contribute to the history of our Club.

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