Real Madrid - Villarreal

Ramos: “This is a reward for our hard work, determination and balanced approach”

NEWS | 16/07/2020 | Bárbara Jiménez

“To get 10 wins in a row is amazing, it's a team effort", added Courtois.
Real Madrid clinched the LaLiga title after overcoming Villarreal at the Di Stéfano in the penultimate game of the LaLiga season. At the final whistle, Sergio Ramos commented that: "This is a reward for our hard work, determination and balanced approach. When you go about things in the right way, you end up reaping the rewards. This is worthy of real praise, despite what people might say. It's been a different sort of season after what happened but after lockdown we were clear about the fact that we'd have to win all of our games to be in with a shot of winning the title".

"Barcelona held a two-point advantage and, in our heads, there was no margin for error and that's what we went out and proved. That's now 34 league titles for the club and it's a fifth for me personally. Our consistency has been the key. This will be remembered as the coronavirus league season and let's hope there aren't any more like it".
"He's key, he's the captain of the ship and he's the one who has to stand up and make the difference amongst everyone else. He's always been someone who has placed his trust in his players and we feel really well supported by him. We believe in him and his work. Everything he touches turns to gold. Long may it last and may people appreciate what a great person he is. He's a unique coach".

Extending Real Madrid stay 
For as many seasons as the president wants. That's not down to me. I'm delighted to be here and everyone knows that. I'd like to end my career here. I'm happy and relaxed. I hope that I can hang my boots up here".
Courtois: "Ten straight wins is amazing"
"I'm so pleased. To have won LaLiga with this club is a dream come true. Our defence was key. If you score five goals a game, you can afford to concede two, but after the restart we've conceded very few and it's important to have that solidity at the back. We attack and defend with 11 men".

Asensio: "It’s been a fantastic run to finish LaLiga, we’ve won 10 games in a row ".

"I’m here to stop goals and earn points, in the same way forwards have to score. It’s a team effort. The aim was to win the lot. We’ve handled it like the Euros or the World Cup, one game at a time. To get 10 wins in a row is amazing and it shows how hard everyone was working during quarantine. I had absolute faith in my team and what we’ve been doing is evident now". 

“He’s devised the plan for the team and brought us here. He trusted the team from the start and we’ve gone and done it”.
“My neck is a bit sore but I think I’ve got a pretty solid head. The doctor decided I was alright, and I didn’t have any dizziness and felt I could continue”.
Asensio: “It’s been a fantastic run to finish LaLiga”
“I’m so happy to be celebrating another league title with this club. There has been an awful lot of work behind the scenes to get to these decisive moments and we’re thrilled to be able to win another title with Real Madrid. You always imagine the best and think positively because that’s what you’re working towards. You hope the results go your way and they have done. It’s been a fantastic run to finish LaLiga, we’ve won 10 games in a row and on a personal note I’m so happy to have been able to take part in this league campaign, enjoy it with my teammates, and bring another title to madridismo”.
“First and foremost I wanted to be here and in good shape, and from a team perspective we had to win 11 games; there's one left but the league is in the bag. That was the aim, it hasn't been easy. It's a reflection of the work put in by everyone at the club".
How will you remember this year?
“I'll remember it because it's been a very special year with some very tough moments and other full of joy, like when I came back from injury and now another title with Madrid. It's been a year since my injury and to finish the season like this is unbelievable".