Real Madrid - Espanyol

Zidane: “La Liga is not over"

NEWS | 31/01/2016 | Javier García

"Cristiano has a tremendous amount of ambition and did an enormous amount of work in defence", he added.
Zidane was satisfied with his side's game against Espanyol. The Whites' manager gave the following analysis in the press room: “I am always surprised because it is not easy to score five, five or six goals in these games. It is not easy, but it can be achieved with work. Once again we had a very good game, we started it well and what we are doing is not easy at all".

"I don't know if it was the best game since I arrived, however I am very happy with the team's performance. We know the quality that the players have, they are enthusiastic about working. I am happy to be able to contribute something new. The only thing that we can think about is scoring goals and winning matches".

“We are used to seeing people say that Cristiano is not doing well when he doesn't score three. That will always happen because he has grown accustomed to always scoring and getting two or three goals per game. It is no big deal if he doesn't score sometimes. He has a tremendous amount of ambition. He also did an enormous amount of work in defence".

“It is difficult to find something that he needs to improve. He works a lot and can always improve. He scored a goal and could have got one or two more. What matters, is his overall work. We already know what he is capable of with the ball. He runs and does defensive work".

“He had a good game. He is working really well and I am happy with his performance; not only with the ball, he also worked well without it and that is what is most important. Things are easier for him with the ball, but I am happy with his overall performance".

Battle for La Liga
“The aim is to try and perform at the maximum level in every game and reach the end of the season with the chance to win La Liga. We know that we are trailing. We are four points behind, and that could rise to seven. It is difficult but we are doing our work and I expect a lot out of La Liga. It is not over yet".

We have to focus on ourselves and play with intensity in every game.

“It is difficult yes, but not impossible. Our work is about improving everyday. The Real Madrid players are professionals and are aware of the need to win. Only winning matters here. We lost two points in Seville and we know that we cannot lose more".

“The players that came on later are important. So too are Nacho, Denis and Arbeola. They are players that improve the others around them. If we win something it is because of the group, because of everyone, not just because of two or three players. The changes with Casemiro, Lucas and Jesé today were very important".

Cheryshev's possible departure
"Yes, we are going to see tomorrow but I think that he could still leave. The important thing for him is to have playing time. He is a great player, he needs time and I wish him the best. If he has the chance to leave and play, then I am delighted for him. We will see tomorrow".

Maintaining form
"That is the idea. We lost two points in Seville, I wasn't expecting it but football is like that and every game is difficult. We have to focus on our own work and play with intensity in every game. Every Sunday is difficult, not just games against Atlético and Barcelona. Now we have to think about Granada, which will be difficult. If we want something out of this league, we always have to aim for the three points".

Training sessions
“I think this work is crucial. We have had three weeks to work. The team is going to improve on a physical level. I am not worried about it much in matches. The important thing is maintaining fitness and the concentration and intensity that we put into games. Then, when the Champions league starts up again, we will be playing every three days and we will not be able to work like that. I am happy with these three weeks of work, and the players too, you can see that".