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Las escuelas de la Fundación en Trichy (India) retoman su actividad

The Foundation's schools in Trichy (India) are back in action

NEWS STORY. 08/08/2023

More than 700 vulnerable children are supported in 7 projects in collaboration with the Fundación Esperanza y Alegría.

The Real Madrid Foundation's seven social sports schools in Trichy and Kanjirapally (India), operated in collaboration with the Fundación Esperanza y Alegría (FEYA), are returning to action as the school year begins in India. Since 2013, these projects, which have taken place every year, cater to more than 700 boys and girls who live in FEYA centres, where they receive education, food, tutoring and school support, as well as training in values through sport. The main objective of these activities, which stand out for their focus on equality, with 40% female participation in a traditionally highly stratified culture, is the reduction of school dropout and failure.

Families involvemnet 
Since 2011, the Real Madrid Foundation has been supporting children in India and more than 9,000 youngsters have already been helped through these projects. Families are also involved through workshops and talks to raise awareness of the importance of their children attending school, thus preventing them from entering the world of work prematurely.
A very exciting season is getting underway, with plans to hold a joint training course for coaches from all the social sports schools in India. The Alma Cup will also be held at the beginning of 2024, with the participation of more than 150 youngsters from the eight social sports schools in the country.