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La escuela inclusiva de Camboya celebró la Navidad

Inclusive school in Cambodia celebrates Christmas

NEWS STORY. 26/12/2022

The project, in collaboration with the NGO, Sauce, supports around a hundred children in need.

The beneficiaries of the socio-sports project in Battambang (Cambodia), run with the NGO, Sauce, and in collaboration with Kohei Masuda, staged their traditional Christmas show. The Arrupe centre, where young people with disabilities from underprivileged social backgrounds live, invited the beneficiaries to celebrate together in a festive atmosphere.

The socio-sports school caters for a highly vulnerable group: children affected by polio or landmine victims, which are prevalent in this province. Sauce strives to ensure access to primary education for all children and young people who are of school age, to support people with differing physical conditions, to promote the work of farmers and to ensure an accessible health service.

Through their involvement in the Real Madrid Foundation's school, around 100 children, some of whom are children suffering from functional difficulties, have access to good quality education and participation in a number of activities to help ensure their inclusion. The Foundation's socio-sports schools in Battambang operate in partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation's football schools in Japan, supported by Kohei Masuda.