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Sanitas is a specialist in health and wellness services in Spain. It offers its clients products and services adapted to the real needs of people at every stage of their lives through a comprehensive health model that includes: medical insurance, hospitals and multi-specialty centres, wellness centres, dental clinics, other services health and elder care services.
The company has 10,600 employees, has a medical team composed of more than 40,000 specialists and 1,200 medical centres, as well as a private provision of 4 hospitals, 20 multi-specialty medical centres, 16 wellness centres, 180 dental clinics, 45 dental residences. And 17 day centres.
Sanitas is part of Bupa, a leading international healthcare company, serving more than 16.5 million policyholders, 10.6 million patients and 33,100 senior citizens, whose purpose is a longer, healthier and happier life.
The alliance of 15 years between Sanitas and Real Madrid puts at the disposal of the club its medical knowledge as expertise in sports medicine, the most sophisticated technological and healthcare advances in the market and its network of hospitals and medical centres to ensure that all players are in the best physical conditions each season.