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Real Madrid go on goal spree and remain unbeaten

MATCH REPORT. 03/11/2022. Mireia Jiménez

Goals by Esther, Rocío and Nahikari (2) bag three points against Villareal in the game postponed from the opening matchday.

Real Madrid beat Villarreal away in the match that was postponed from the opening day of the season. Our team’s second half efficiency decided a match in which Toril’s players grew as the game progressed. An Esther goal in the 68th minute after a pass from Weir opened the scoring. Rocío increased the lead ten minutes later with a header. Nahikari, with a brace in the final minutes sealed the definitive 0-4. Real Madrid remain unbeaten and will play el Clásico at the Di Stéfano on Sunday.
There were no goals in a very even first half. Both teams had some chances but good defensive play prevented the shoreline from changing before the break. Real Madrid came closest to scoring first when Athenea failed to finish a Feller cross from the right (11th minute). The best chance came in stoppage time from a dangerous cross from Feller which was cleared by a Villarreal defender before Esther could get a shot off.

Video.0-4: Real Madrid go on goal spree and remain unbeaten

Great Second Half
Our side’s goals came after the restart, although Misa would deny Villarreal first stretching to block a Llomport shot. Real went ahead in the 68th minute after Weir played a good ball through to Esther who beat the keeper. The second would come ten minutes later from a corner which Rocío  headed into the bag of the net. It was from another corner that Real Madrid would score their third, this time through Nahikari. Far from settling for the result, they looked for a fourth and it was Nahikari, again, that sent a long shot home to sign off a tough Real Madrid win.

0-Villarreal: Elena, Giménez, Miguélez, Mata, Nerea Pérez, Llompart (Lucía, 84’), Ainhoa (Claudia, 71’), Soldevilla, Cienfu (Estefanía, 71’), Kanteh (Belén, 64’) y Sheila Guijarro (Nerea, 84’).
4-Real Madrid: Misa, Ivana, Kathellen, Kenti Robles (Rocío, 45’), Olga, Weir (Moller, 81’), Zornoza, Siri (M. Oroz, 45’), Athenea, Feller (Tere, 45’) y Esther (Nahikari, 75’).

0-1 (min 68): Esther.
0-2 (min 78): Rocío.
0-3 (min 87): Nahikari.
0-4 (min 91): Nahikari.