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This is Nadia, star of the "Trip to the heart of Real Madrid 2019"

NEWS STORY. 26/05/2022

She was the lucky winner of the prize draw held each year among International Madridista Card holders and enjoyed an unforgettable experience!

Can you imagine getting the chance to travel to Madrid to see your team play in the flesh at the Santiago Bernabéu? This was a dream for Nadia Batra, and thanks to her Madridista Card, it was set to come true when she won the 'Trip to the heart of Real Madrid 2019' prize draw.

The youngster from Atlanta (USA) was the lucky winner from among 100,000 International Madridistas around the world. So, what did that mean? It meant she and a plus-one would get the chance to enjoy an unforgettable weekend in Madrid, all courtesy of the club.

Although she was picked as the winner two years ago, the pandemic made travel impossible during 2020. Almost 24 months on, in April 2022, she was finally able to make the trip to Madrid joined by her parents, Sameer and Reena, and her brother Jayin, another Madridista.

Some years ago, back in 2017, the family came to Madrid and registered as Madridista Card holders when visiting the Tour Bernabéu. Now, it was time for her beloved club to repay the favour and treat her to a truly unique experience - VIP tickets to attend Real Madrid - Getafe as part of an exclusive package; a guided Tour Bernabéu visit, a chance to set foot on the pitch... The dream of any madridista.

On Saturday 9 April, the family touched down in Madrid after a 7,000km flight with smiles spread wide across their faces. They headed from the airport to their hotel and from there, to the Santiago Bernabéu. The incredible journey saw them walk out onto the pitch, take a tour of the dressing rooms (where they couldn't contain their excitement) as they sought out the lockers of their favourite players: Benzema and Modric.

But the best was still to come - an afternoon watching their team play at home! Ancelotti's boys smashed in 6 goals, with the competition winners able to celebrate them from the best seats in the house, having enjoyed the world class catering on offer at the VIP Area in the NH Eurobuilding.

Video.This is Nadia, star of the "Trip to the heart of Real Madrid 2019"


Nadia was gushing in her words of gratitude.

Once again, the Club has rewarded one of its International Madridistas who never cease in their support of the team from thousands of kilometres away. These loyal fans continue to be a true source of pride for Real Madrid.

That's why, in order to show them how important they are to us, we hold a prize draw among International Madridistas around the world every year, giving them a chance to win a trip to the heart of Real Madrid: a special invitation to thank them for their passion for the club despite the distance.
If you'd like to be the next in line to fulfil your dreams of 100% Real Madrid weekend, then become a Madridista now to be entered automatically into the annual draw. Good luck!