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La entrevista de Iker Casillas, el contenido más visitado de la plataforma audiovisual de la Fundación

The interview with Casillas is the most viewed content on the Foundation's audiovisual platform

NEWS STORY. 14/01/2022

Sport Values Academy TV winner of the Top Developer Awards 2021, is the only platform for sport and values education in the world.

In just over half a year since launching, the Real Madrid Foundation's Sports Values Academy TV e-learning platform continues to develop innovative content based around education, sport and their positive values. Iker Casillas' interview, as part of the new space El valor de un capitán (The value of a captain), is the most viewed content produced by the Foundation so far.

In the interview, the professional career of the Foundation's current deputy director general is discussed. Casillas emphasises the importance of understanding and team spirit as values in order to be successful. He also speaks about respecting the legacy of previous captains, listening to teammates and the importance of motivation to strive for excellence and improvement.

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