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Unicaja Banco, tras la operación de fusión con Liberbank, se convierte en la entidad financiera oficial del Real Madrid

Following a merger with Liberbank, Unicaja Banco becomes Real Madrid's official financial organisation

NEWS | 09/08/2021

It will be the club's financial services provider and sponsor, continuing the institutional relationship that Liberbank has maintained up to this point.
Having completed their merger with Lberbank, Unicaja Banco has become the official bank of Real Madrid to kick off the new season as the club's financial services provider and sponsor. The commercial alliance includes making Unicaja Banco the exclusive financial entity sponsor in Spain, by way of the agreement signed between Liberbank and Real Madrid last year.

Extending this agreement will strengthen the scope in light of the organisation's increased size following the merger, both in terms of clients and geographical coverage, as well as in financial activity spheres. This will entail a range of benefits for current and future clients and Real Madrid fans.

The alliance with Real Madrid will allow Unicaja Banco to improve their brand awareness, as well as to attract new audiences through the club's digital reach.

As a continuation of the commercial relationship which has been signed with Liberbank, Unicaja Banco will work with Real Madrid on designing financial products aimed at the club's fans. They will focus on already existing lines such as the Real Madrid Card and Mortgage. Both products will continue to be sold through the bank's platforms and will soon be available at all Unicaja Banco offices in the near future.

The Real Madrid Card and Mortgage are still available and fans will have access to even more products.

There will also be new promotions, draws and exclusive experiences available to the bank's customers across all club sections, both men's and women's football and basketball teams, with special attention paid to members and Madridistas. 

Exclusive benefits
Over the last season, madridistas have had the chance to enjoy exclusive signed-jersey prize draws, official products, discounts and access to virtual meetings with Real Madrid legends and current players. The extension of the commercial agreement between Unicaja Banco and Real Madrid, for a second successive season, will also see the financial entity support women's sport. In fact, thanks to the Liberbank agreement, last year, they became the founding sponsor of Real Madrid's women's football team.

The merger, which has seen Liberbank absorbed by Unicaja Banco, completed last week, has resulted in the creation of the fifth-largest bank in the Spanish financial system by asset volume. It has a broad and diverse presence in national territory and will be the leading organisation in six autonomous communities, with a solid, healthy balance sheet.