Más de 2.000 menores vulnerables son atendidos por la Fundación Real Madrid en Asia

The Real Madrid Foundation benefits more than 2,000 vulnerable young people across Asia

NEWS | 06/08/2021

Twenty-two social sports school across eight countries provide education, healthcare, nutrition and tuition in values through sport.
Varying levels of incidence of the pandemic and healthcare measures in force in different countries have thrown up results in the Real Madrid Foundation's social intervention projects which have exceeded expectations, thanks to a part face-to-face part online model. In the Asia-Pacific region, the activities are being carried out face-to-face and under normal circumstances in the People's Republic of China, Cambodia and Australia, while the pandemic's spread in India has led to suspending all projects, and controls on movement in Japan during the Olympic Games has also made the social sports sessions difficult.

In India, where serious economic problems have added to the pandemic, the Real Madrid Foundation's local partners' efforts to look after the beneficiaries and their families has been exemplary: The Institute for Indian Mother & Child has been aided by increased collaboration from ROADIS and the Hope and Joy Foundation.
The school in Battambang, run in collaboration with SAUCE and supported by Global Football Management, as well as the school in Phnom Penh run by Por la Sonrisa de un Niño (PSE) with support from SMART, continue to carry out their activities in dedicated fashion in Cambodia. In the same way, the Foundation's partners in the Philippines continue with their remarkable efforts: The Santiago Foundation, Roxas Foundation and the Anakk NGO, supported by the Fundación Mapfre.

There are now 33 projects and activities in 8 countries, with 4,158 direct beneficiaries.

In Australia, aside from continuing the project with Wellington High School, work has also begun on a new project alongside the New South Wales Education Department aimed at integrating young refugees. In China, where the Foundation runs a school in Jinzhai, it has now reached a large agreement to hold clinics with Shanghái Veritas throughout the country. And in Japan, the technical improvement school opened a new base at the Olympic Village and over 6,000 young people are taking part in different social-educational activities.

Education and values
There are some 22 social sports schools in the Asia-Pacific region, with over 2,000 students across 7 countries benefitting from education, healthcare, nutrition and tuition in values through sport with the Real Madrid Foundation. Beyond these schools, there are also 7 clinics, one campus project and three education programs underway. That's a total of 33 projects and activities across 8 countries, with 4,158 direct beneficiaries.