La escuela sociodeportiva de Nasugbú adapta sus actividades

The social sports school in Nasugbú has adapted its activities

NEWS | 26/07/2021

In collaboration with the Roxas Foundation, the project reaches more than 200 socially disadvantaged children.
The Real Madrid Foundation's social sports school in Nasugbu (Philippines) has been running since 2014 in collaboration with the Roxas Foundation and caters for 220 children. The sports coaches who deliver the programme received a football and values training course using new tools and updates to the methodology materials For a Real Education: values and sport. The aim is to continue using sport as an educational and motivational tool for the students, who are the children of workers at the Don Pedro sugar factory and other children from nearby communities in highly vulnerable situations.

The school has been a model of adaptation in times of a pandemic thanks to the efforts of the Roxas Foundation and its integral scholarship programme. The training, delivered online, addressed the development of specific objectives geared to each category and age group, as well as strategies in values, orientation of the technical-tactical content aimed at resolving game situations, and specific aspects of planning.

In addition to keeping the project running online, during the year, the staff at the school have helped to coordinate the distribution of food to the families of the students, helped to paint the school where they attend and even planted different crops within the facilities in order to later donate them to the most disadvantaged. They have also carried out volunteer work throughout the region providing assistance to those evacuated after the eruption of the Taal volcano, distributing food and medical supplies.

Seven years of commitment
After seven seasons, the alliance between the Real Madrid Foundation and the Roxas Foundation is a solid and established partnership that has already seen more than 500 socially disadvantaged children benefit from a combination of education, nutrition and development cooperation. The partnership also supports a school in San Carlos, on the island of Negros, as well as the school in Nasugbú.