Lucas Vázquez, hasta 2024

Lucas Vázquez: “I've grown up with Real Madrid's values and am delighted to have renewed my contract"

NEWS | 03/06/2021

​“My dream here continues, this is my home and I'm extremely proud”, commented the attacker.
Lucas Vázquez spoke to the club's official media channels after putting pen to paper on his new deal. The attacker expressed his delight at having extended his stay at Real Madrid until 2024: “This makes me immensely proud, it’s really special. My dream continues on here, which is my home, and something that I feel is very much part of me. You always dream of big things, but it’s difficult to then go on and achieve them. I’m really happy to have renewed my contract and to enjoying being a Real Madrid player until 2024”.

“I’m a club player who has grown up with Real Madrid’s values and this makes my family and I really happy. It makes me massively proud and it’s a big responsibility. Real Madrid have some well-establish values: hard work, respect for others, humility… These things are non-negotiable in life and in football. I’ve made 240 appearances but am going to fight to ensure that there are many more to come. When I joined the club, I couldn’t have imagined that I’d go on and reach this tally. I’m really pleased for everything I’ve experienced, worked for and learned and with how much I enjoy myself every day with my teammates”.
Earliest memories
“All of the memories throughout my life involve a football. Without the special memories I’ve got of when I started playing football in Curtis with my brother, my family and my friends, I possibly wouldn’t be where I am today. I remember scoring a goal in a futsal tournament and lifting my shirt over my head and I had Raúl’s shirt on underneath. I used to enjoy copying the celebrations of the Madrid players”.


“The first day that I set foot in Real Madrid City, I came with my parents and my brother and we saw just how massive it was. Every single corner of the place oozed football. I had a really great opportunity ahead of me to become what I am today. I’m so grateful to Real Madrid for everything”.
La Undécima
“I was really confident, at no point did I think I’d miss the penalty, I was just focused on helping the team by putting it away. Thanks to God that’s how it turned out. I was a unique moment in my career and my first Champions League trophy with Real Madrid in my first season”.

“I remember that after celebrating it with all of my teammates, our families came down pitchside and I went over to my wife and my brother and we gave each other a massive hug. The three of us started to cry as we let off a bit of the tension. We went on to make history by winning the Champions League three times in a row. That’s an achievement that to this day has not received the credit it deserves and I’m sure that in a few years’ time, we’ll look back and say: “What we’ve achieved was amazing!”

“As an attacker, I’m a direct player who always tries to link up with my teammates and look for the best option. As a wing-back, I try to understand the game, whilst being aware that from that position I can’t perhaps do the same things as a winger. The important thing in football is to be out on the pitch and help the team, be that as wing-back or an attacker”.

“Some advice that I always receive is to be brave and never regret things and, above all, to enjoy life day in, day out. Football is really special and if you’re able to enjoy it, it’s impressive. I see my football career as a period in my life in which I have to give my all to improve every day and I believe that looking after yourself, working hard and learning every day is part and parcel of that. That’s why I’m going to do that until the day I retire”.