Real Madrid - Villarreal

Zidane: “I congratulate my players because they've given it their all"

NEWS | 22/05/2021

“The fans can be proud of the team and what they've managed to do all year", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at the Alfredo Di Stéfano following the final LaLiga game of the season which saw Real Madrid beat Villarreal: “First things first, I want to thank the fans because they've been behind the team from afar. They haven't been able to come to the stadium this year but everyone can be proud of this team because the players have given it everything they have until the final minute. We won again today. It hasn't been easy because we had problems early on but in the end we've come good. I'm very proud of my players. It's a day to congratulate the squad”.

“We have to congratulate Atlético Madrid, they deserve it too, because ultimately, the team that finish first deserve to win it. They've had a great season and that's all there is to it. I'm not the most important thing here, it's all about what the players have done all season. That's why we should focus on what we've done during the season and then, in time, taking it calmly, we'll see what happens. I'll speak to the club in relaxed fashion, but later on, not right now. Today is a day to congratulate my players”.

“My assessment is that we gave it all we had on the pitch. We haven't won anything and the players want to win. I'm responsible for all that. There are things that are up to me and we're going to assess all of that. That's why I want to congratulate the players but what they really want is to win things”.

We have to congratulate Atlético de Madrid because they deserve it.

“You know what kind of year we’ve had. You’ve been saying it all year. In the end, we didn’t win and that’s the way it is. At Real Madrid we know where we are and what we have to achieve, but you have to be calm and patient. This is what I tell my players and also the fans, because the fans and the players are the most important thing. They have to be proud of what they have done. We’ve had a lot of difficulties this year, but we’ve given it everything on the pitch and that’s the most important thing”.

“After today’s game we have to be calm and be satisfied about what we did. In the next few days we’ll speak to the club, to the people we need to speak to and that’s all there is to it. We’ll soon see what happens, but not just with me, with Real Madrid as a whole for next season”.

On his feelings
 “As manager, it’s a tough one to take because we didn’t win the league. So that’s my answer for you there”.