La Fundación Real Madrid se une al Día Mundial del Autismo

The Real Madrid Foundation supports World Autism Awareness Day

NEWS | 02/04/2020

Raising people's awareness about this collective is fundamental in this period of confinement.
The Real Madrid Foundation has been a pioneer with the inclusion of young people on the Autistic spectrum in their adapted socio-sporting basketball and football programs. This Thursday, 2 April, to mark World Autism Awareness Day, the Foundation joins the efforts to raise awareness of Autism, which at this unprecedented times is more vital than ever on a societal level.
The Foundation currently has around 50 students on the Autistic spectrum enrolled in its football and basketball programs, in collaboration with specialist organisations and the support of El Corte InglésIn these cases, the socio-sporting programs are tailored to the needs of those with Autism, in regard to communication, social skills, and restricted or repetitive behaviours or interests. Football and basketball are used as an educational resource which help to remedy these issues.

The Foundation has 50 students on the Autistic Spectrum enrolled in its football and basketball projects.

The sessions run at the schools attended by these students are structured with an assembly at the beginning, where the pupils explain what they've done during the day or at the weekend. This looks to enhance their social skills and different ways of communicating. Following the assembly, they complete a group exercise designed to improve relationships with their teammates, using team sports as a tool. 

The session is rounded off with an exercise planned for learning about the technical and tactical elements of sport. The use of pictograms which allow the students to follow the session, as well as the specific training of the coach-educators and the inclusive football and 'value' ball manual, are the central elements to these initiatives.
Inclusion as the ultimate goal
The project, which began on an experimental basis looking to apply a sporting education in values to the integration of young people, is now fully consolidated. Young people on the Autistic spectrum have been integrated into the Foundation's socio-sporting activities alongside other children without the condition, as proof that team sport can contribute to increased sociability. In any case, inclusion is the ultimate goal here.