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Laso: “It is important to be mentally ready from the start"

NEWS | 02/01/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

“We have to keep going and push to the end of the season”, claimed Causeur prior to the ASVEL game.
Pablo Laso and Fabien Causeur spoke about the ASVEL-Real Madrid clash, which will happen at the Astroballe, corresponding to Euroleague game day 17 (Friday, 8:45pm CET). The Whites coach claimed: “We know that we are going to have to deal with injuries, but the team must push and we have to be ready for any situation we encounter. Taylor and Randolph had some physical complaints in training. Felipe Reyes, Llull and Deck are all out too. We are limited.”
“ASVEL means more preparation as we’re going to a new arena and a team that has not been part of Euroleague in recent seasons.It is important to be mentally ready from the start.”
“ASVEL can be a very tough team and they are developing some strength at home. They play with great energy and rotations the players well. They have a lot of top players who thrive in one on one situations. Defensively they are athletic and have real pace.”

 Laso: "The calendar is challenging and every game is tough".

“When you look at the table and you see how high they are, it might surprise you. But I have not been taken aback by their play since the start of the season because they play at a high level. As time goes by, these things stop surprising you.”
First round scores
“I don't look at the results because only half of them have been played. The key is the growth of the team. We started slow, especially playing away from home. We want to get better throughout the competitions. The calendar is so tough and every game is a challenge. Right now we are on a good winning run but the growth of the team is the real focus for me.”
Causeur: “We want to start 2020 off well”
“The team has to stay consistent and we feel good in the Euroleague. We want to start 2020 off well so we can keep improving. This year is one of the hardest ones because there are two more teams in the mix, so we play more but there is less rest."
“We try not to focus on our streak but we know we are doing well. The last loss in the Euroleague came in Munich. We have to keep going and push to the end of the season. This game in France will be a tricky one for us. Hardly any teams have won in Lyon and they pose a real threat. They are the surprise package of the first round of the season and they have proved to be physical. ASVEL are better than a good number of teams in the Euroleague."