Entrevista a Pablo Laso

Laso: “I feel honoured by the confidence Real Madrid have shown in me”

NEWS | 30/08/2019

“The team are going to be competitive, tough and ready to fight for every title”, explained the coach after signing a contract extension.
Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso spoke to Realmadrid TV in his first interview since extending his contract with the club until the end of the 2020/21 season: “I am really happy, thrilled, because this is recognition of hard work, of time put in, and of a way of being things. I feel honoured by the confidence Real Madrid have shown in me continuing to lead this team; the confidence they have in my work, my coaching staff and everyone who works hard every day to make sure that the basketball team are a source of pride for madridistas".

“When I came to Real Madrid i knew perfectly what this badge means. Competing every day, working hard, looking to improve, make it so that people value what you do and transmit to the team. These values are so important for me”.

Maximum demand
"You don't need to be at Real Madrid to know what the club means. I am 51 and I watched Real Madrid since I was a kid, I grew up watching the likes of Luyk, Corbalán, Emiliano, Fernando Martín, Petrovic, Sabonis and the stars we have now, like Llull and Reyes".

Exemplary club
"Real Madrid is a club you get to know at a young age and I had the fortune of playing here. Anyone who works at Real Madrid knows the continuous demands and knows you have to be prepared to compete at the highest level, because we are an exemplary club that everyone wants to compete with. You need to understand that from day one, and regardless of results, the team need to be competitive, face the challenges and of course try to keep winning”.

“We want madridistas to feel proud of our team”.

“We have always brought youth players into the first team. We have remained competitive, always knowing that the team could be improved. Not only have new players joined but we have done things in the right way with a seal of quality that makes the team recognisable to people outside the club”.

“I really appreciate the club president, the Board of Directors, Juan Carlos Sánchez-Lázaro… I feel that everyone trusts me. Obviously, the president leads the rest of us. It is pyramid in terms of the demands placed on everyone. You have to accept how things work and I did that straight away. What we want is for Real Madrid fans to feel proud of this team. It is crucial for me and I value the confidence they have in me as a person”.

“Tavares, Reyes, Campazzo, Taylor all renewing… that underpins the spine of the team, as well as the likes of Llull and Rudy. This helps the team be more competitive. We have youth teamers coming in who are the best of their age group at European level. Mickey coming in gives us strength in depth, he can play as a number 5, he is different to Tavares and he offers real versatility. This is a big chance for him, I think he will give us real support".

"We have the best guards in Europe in Llull and Campazzo, and Laprovittola gives us more offensive options. He has already shown his class in Europe, showing he was the best in the Endesa League last season, and we think he will help us on the exterior play. We have great players and I think the club's quest to put together a great team is admirable and now we have to work at being a united group”.

Message to the fans
“I would like to say thank you for your faith in me. Our fans being happy is our priority. I am happy and proud of that. The team are going to be competitive, tough and ready to fight for every title. We know some days will be difficult, but the team are going to keep an idea and a style that I think will make us all proud of this team and this club”.