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El Real Madrid de baloncesto ofreció la 35ª Liga de baloncesto

Causeur: "We've always picked ourselves up again and that's the key"

NEWS | 22/06/2019

"The team has a real desire to continue to win trophies; we deserve this league title", commented Llull.
The Real Madrid roster paraded with their league title at the City Halll and the Community of Madrid headquarters. The players, who again took centre stage a day on from lifting the trophy at the Palau, were keen to share the trophy with the madridistas. Causeur declared: "I'm so happy to have won this trophy, we deserved it because we've fought so hard. Every day we've dusted ourselves down following tough defeats and that's the key to this group, we always pick ourselves up again".

"It's now time to enjoy this and continue our celebrations. Everyone knows what this group is like and that we've won things several times. Seventeen trophies in eight years is down to daily work, being competitive and the friendship between us".
Carroll: "The three-pointer in Game 2 doesn't happen very often at all"
"I've been thanked thousands of times for my basket the other day. It doesn't happen very often at all in your career and I'm just going to enjoy it. I always try to reach the end of the season in the best possible shape and train to be ready for situations like the one I found myself in".
Reyes: "It's a pleasure to celebrate this title with the fans"
"I'm really happy to be back here and sharing our trophy with the fans and thanking them for their support and the reception they've given us. We've now got to recharge our batteries for next season and try and achieve more success".

Carroll: "I've been thanked thousands of times for my basket the other day".

"They're very special times and memories. We've ultimatey achieved our aim. It's a pleasure to be back here again and celebrating this league title with you and let's hope that we're all back here next year".
Llull: "We deserved to win this league title"
"The team has a real desire to continue to win silverware. We deserved to win this league title and we've done just that. We're so happy. The key to this is putting the team's interests ahead of your own and we all try to give of our best and do our bit to lift trophies, which is the important thing".

Ayón: "It makes you feel proud"
"We've had many visits here in recent years and it makes you feel proud to be part of this club. Winning the league really rounds off what's been a very tough season. We come away with a great feeling after having won and had a superb end to the season. Being able to celebrate it with those who have supported us is an incentive for us. It motivates us and gives us that extra bit of energy".
Yusta: "This team never gives up"
"We hope to be able to win more trophies and be back here. That would prove that we're doing a good job and continue to win things. It all looks so easy but it's really tough. We've done really well throughout the whole season. We've battled hard all year. We've recovered from two setbacks and shown that this team never gives up and we've ultimately go on to take the league title".