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Entrevista Codere a Keylor Navas

Keylor Navas: "We’re playing at home and we’ll go out and give everything"

NEWS | 12/02/2018

"PSG are a great team but we believe in our ability", said the goalkeeper.
Keylor Navas spoke about the round of 16 Champions League tie against PSG in an interview with Codere, official betting house of Real Madrid: "It's a nice match that any footballer would like to play in, it’s an opportunity that we have and it could help us move forward. We know that they are a great team but we believe in our ability, we’re playing at home, we have the support of our fans and we’ll go out and give everything".
"When there are two talented teams with a well-defined style, the team that is more focused and makes fewer mistakes is the one that could win the tie. We’re going to work hard to try to take advantage of any mistakes they make, take our chances and be focused in defense to counter their attacks".
"I feel very good and in good health, which is the most important thing. This season we’ve had some good moments and some not so good. It's part of football, we feel mentally strong and we know we can move forward".
The Champions League
"It's always a dream for everyone here. Winning the Champions League is something very nice, it’s a privilege to lift that cup. There is no greater motivation than having the opportunity to get to another final, to be able to continue fighting for this title".
Dream achieved
"As a child I always thought about playing for Real Madrid. The dream came true and I was able to win several titles. I remember the day of my presentation, also when we won titles...They are feelings that are going to be in my heart forever".