Campo de estrellas: Taylor

Taylor: "Winning the EuroLeague with Real Madrid would be a dream come true"

NEWS | 29/12/2017

The Whites' small forward was the special guest in the latest instalment of Realmadrid TV's Camp de estrellas programme.
Jeff Taylor was the special guest in the latest edition of Realmadrid TV's Campo de estrellas programme. The Swedish small forward looked back on his career, including his spell in the NBA, and spoke about the challenges that lie ahead with Real Madrid: "I've already achieved many of the things I dreamed of as a child, such as playing in the NBA. For me, winning the EuroLeague would be a dream come true".

"We've had some really rough luck and have suffered some major injuries. We know that everyone in the roster will have their part to play. We've got a lot of good players and we'll be fine. I like to be used in whatever way I'm needed by the team. I'm capable of jumping really high and I have a great time out on court. The style of basketball we play at Madrid is entertaining: we make baskets, dunks, treys and do a lot of running".

Time in the NBA
"When I was 17 I decided to go over to the United States. I wanted to see what it was like, I was curious. My university days were great fun, I've got brilliant memories of that time. I then had a super time in Charlotte. The NBA is different and every game is very quick. I had a very good rookie year and played really well, but in my second year I broke my Achilles heel.

Joining Real Madrid
"I remember what my arrival was like. I was in Charlotte and my agent called me, he said that Real Madrid was interested, I spoke to (Pablo) Laso and it all happened so fast. It was great because this allows me to be closer to my family and friends. The coaching staff are amazing. The physios, my teammates and everyone at the club is fantastic".

Trophy haul at Madrid
"The games against Barcelona in the final were really good fun. We lost the first one and we then went on to win the next three to take the league title at the Palacio. That's something I'll never forget. Next up, we lifted the two Copas del Rey. The second one is the one I have the best memories of because we were down in every game and we came back to win in the closing stages".

"In my free time I like to go out on walks around Madrid. The El Retiro Park is really beautiful. It's a city that's got some stunning architecture. I love history and there's loads of history and culture in Madrid".