Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: “The next game is always the most important”

NEWS | 04/04/2017

“Nobody thinks that we’ll easily beat Leganés because that doesn't happen in football”, he added.
Zidane spoke about the match against Leganés in the press room at Real Madrid City. The Whites’ coach gave his thoughts the day ahead of the visit to Municipal de Butarque (Wednesday, 9:30pm CEST): "It’s an important match, like every game. We always think that the next game is the most important".
"I don’t know if it's a potential banana skin, in the sense that they think we're going to win easy. Those games don’t exist in football. It’ll be a complicated match, at a difficult stadium and against an opponent who is doing very well lately".
The scan tell us that it’s not much, that’s the important thing. It’s not an injury like the last one or the one he had before that. It's not much, but I can’t say how long he’ll be out. It’s around where he has the scar".
The centre backs
"The role is the same. We don’t know how long Varane will be out. Pepe’s fine, he’s important and a leader and captain of this team. It won’t change anything. We’ll use Pepe, Nacho, who is doing very well, and Ramos".
"He looks good to me, like everyone. He’s happy and well. We’re going in to the final stages of the season and we’ll see how we finish. The good thing is that we’re all ok, apart from Varane's injury".
Piqué Statements
"I'm not interested. I’ll not talk about it anymore. I’m only interested in tomorrow's game, that we’re all at our best and give our all. I’m not interested in the rest".
Isco’s future
"He is a Real Madrid player and he is doing phenomenally well. He’s very happy. Asking me about Isco, you know what I think about him. He's important, and I hope he stays".
Theo Hernández
"He’s a good player, there’s no doubt about it. I’m focused on what I have to do with my players. I can’t say anything about the rest".
Ronaldo and Carvajal
"I’ll not say whether or not they’ll be in the squad. We’re on top of it and we hope that both stay on four yellow cards until the end of the season. It’s the challenge we’ve got. You’ll see tomorrow who’s in the squad. The good news is we're all ready, apart from Varane".


"Cristiano is fine. He’ll go in to this final stretch like never before. Well, not like never before. Maybe I'm wrong. He’s had years in which he finished very well. I hope he ends the season very well from a fitness point of view. We’ve a lot of games left and we have to be on top of everything, but he's okay".
Physical state
"We can’t control this when they go away with the international teams, but we try to go in to the end of the season in good shape. I think we're fine. In a game there can be difficult times, it's normal".
Do you want James to continue next season?
Atmosphere for el Clásico
"We know what we want and what we’re doing. We’ve been doing things right from the start of the season. We’re focused on playing football, doing things well and winning games. We don’t worry about the rest".
Keylor and Casilla
"Both are very important, but Keylor is the number one goalkeeper at Real Madrid. No doubt about it. When I don’t play Keylor it’s not because I don’t trust him, not at all. I do it to give Kiko the chance to play because he plays very well too".
"You're telling me Modric's doing something wrong. In the last game he gave the ball away two or three times but how can you tell me that he’s doing something wrong. Players can’t always play well. I'm not worried, I'm happy about what he does on the field. Everyone can do better, but it's impossible to always be at your best".
The season
"There have been ups and downs, but together we’ve achieved what we’d planned. So far we’ve done everything very well. Tomorrow is another game with three points at stake. The plan is always going to be questioned every day".
The match against Ancelotti
"We have a special and important relationship. I was his assistant and I respect him a lot. We’re two coaches that are going up against each other full of respect. When that day comes, it’ll be a game that we both want to win. Nothing else will count. It’ll be a Champions League game that we’ll prepare for when it arrives".