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Marcelo, 10 años en el Real Madrid

Marcelo: "The world grinds to a halt to watch El Clásico"

NEWS | 20/04/2017

“We come into the game strongly and eager to give the fans something to celebrate", added the Brazilian in 'LaLiga World'.
El Clásico is not just another game. Real Madrid-Barcelona is big day in the diary for any football fan. That is something Marcelo is well aware of, and he discussed the game in his interview with LaLiga World: “It really is a thrilling game. The world grinds to a halt to watch this game. It is massive, every player wants to play and the people on the street are already talking about it up to a month beforehand”.

“I've been able to play in a few, and just talking about it gives me goose bumps. I have the privilege of being on the inside, and it's a game a lot of people would love the chance to experience. It is so hard to explain. You have to be on the inside to feel it. The real thrill of it is to know that everyone has dropped what they're doing to watch you, and that is priceless”.
The team's mindset

“We are doing well. Every game is important to us but this is a direct clash and we are in a good dynamic. We want to make the fans happy. We won our last game in LaLiga with the help of players who weren't playing much and in the end they were able to come on and face up to the challenge and take the three points. We're a great team, we're together and moving forward".
The fans' passion
“It's exciting. If you look at the faces of the fans it's as if they're in shock, getting to see this game that loads of people are watching on TV. But they are there and it's something out of this world”.
His first Clásico

“When I first arrived here, people spoke a lot about this game. When I got to play in it, I felt like that was when I truly became a Real Madrid player and I could say that I'd played in the Clásico. My friends all called to find out what it was like and how it felt. We won the game but my overriding feeling was that I was now a true Real Madrid player”.

We're a great team, we're together and moving forward.

“My most memorable Clásico is the one we won there with Cristiano's goal. In that game we were a man down at the end and we still managed to win it. I think that's the first Clásico that comes to my mind”.
The first clash at the Camp Nou
“It's really tough to play there. We know Barcelona have a fantastic team and you've got to work very hard there to get on the ball. We managed to draw the game, play well and do what the coach asked of us. I'm not sure it was a statement of intent, we did a good job and we knew that we at least had to come away from there with a point”.
Connection with Cristiano 

“He's a good friend of mine, it's a pleasure for me to share a dressing room with him. To be able to play with him, exchange passes with him, that's something I'll treasure for the rest of my life. We'll look back on it very fondly in 10 or 20 years' time”.

“We've been together for 7 or 8 years. Ultimately, with each training session and each game, it gets easier to know where he wants the ball, and he knows where I like to cross it. That partnership is built over time”.

“That's the way he's always been, very calm, he doesn't speak much but he says what needs to be said when the team needs him to".