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Real Madrid- Éibar

Zidane: "We've got to show more intensity from the start"

NEWS | 02/10/2016

“We've got a great group to get through this and we're going to work all together”, added the coach.
Zidane appeared before the media following his side's clash with Éibar and these were the coach's thoughts on the match: “I've come away frustrated with how we played in the early minutes. In the first half we didn't play our game, we let our opponents play. The second half was much better but we're saying that far too much lately. A match lasts 90 minutes and we're starting games very badly. They scored against us after five minutes from a cross into the box and we already knew they had that threat to hurt teams”.
“I'll take away the second half performance. We look good physically, we can't blame it on physical condition. We're finishing matches really well. Now the players are heading off with their national teams and it's my responsibility to look for solutions because we've got to change things. We can't carry on like this".
Bad run
“Not a crisis. We're in October and we mustn't lose our heads. There's something wrong because we've drawn three in a row in the league. When you've got the lead after the start we had to the season then it's tough to take. I'm not going to lose my head but it's tough. We need to work harder and show more intensity at the beginning of games like we've done very often, but we're struggling to replicate that lately”.
“Anything can happen in a match. We're not doing enough at the start in order to win the game. If you concede it's difficult because they are aggressive opponents who sit back and defend. We have to show more intensity from the start, we need to analyse things and the players are keen to do that. Perhaps we have to bring more intensity to the training sessions”.


“We don't look at all good at the start of matches, then we react. What we need to do isn't react, but rather start like that in the first place. In the first 45 minutes of the match, just like against Villarreal, we struggled to react. We need to look for ways to improve and we'll do that after the international break by working hard. I believe in the work and the quality of this team. I don't think attitude is the problem but something is wrong”.
Creative play
“I don't think we're lacking creativity. James got injured in the warm-up and I put Mateo in alongside Isco and Kroos. What we need is more intensity and aggression in the individual battles and 50-50 balls”.
Personal situation
“I'm not happy, that much is clear. It's our third mediocre result in the league. It's a pretty bad result. My situation right now is not so difficult. When I arrived here we lost against Atlético and drew twice away from home. It's a difficult period but I won't lose focus, we've got a great group to get through this and we're going to do just that".

"We've got 10 days without the players and when they come back we'll have to start working at 100%, not only physically but tactically as well. We need to work together, it's not a case of one or two players, it's the whole team”.
Benzema and Varane
“Both of them picked up small knocks. Karim felt a twinge in his knee. We'll have to wait for the scan. Varane took a real blow on the back of his thigh. We hope he'll be back fit soon and it's nothing more than a knock".