Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa - Real Madrid

Zidane: “It was a very complete, disciplined performance”

NEWS | 26/10/2016 | Javier García (León)

“It's nice as a coach when you make a change and the player who comes in is ready to play”, he said.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at the Reino de León stadium and seemed pleased with Real Madrid's thrashing of Cultural Leonesa in the first-leg of the last-32 of the Copa del Rey: “I'm very pleased with the match, with respect for our opponents. We started strongly and took the game seriously. That's the most important thing for me, taking it seriously and respecting the opponent. We've got the win and I'm happy. We have to play every match in this way, regardless of who is on the pitch. It was a very complete, disciplined performance”.

“It's nice as a coach when you make a change and the player who comes in is ready to play. That's my responsibility, the team competes in every match. We haven't won anything, we're going to keep going because this is a long-term thing, in the Copa del Rey, the Champions League or any other competition. All the players know it's difficult to play. We're going to have some who play more than others, that's normal”.

Praise for their opponents
“Cultural Leonesa did a good job. They're a team with quality who like to play football and they've demonstrated that. There's a bit of a gap and that's normal. They're top of their league. They're a good second division side and that can be not far off first division at times”.

Nacho scored with a memorable strike.

"Nacho scored a sweeter goal than the one that I got in La Novena final. His strike will go down in history and I'm really happy for him. He deserves it because he's always focused in training and we're happy with the way he goes about his work".

"I had to play him because we're missing several players in that position. The plan was to give him a rest towards the end, but he wanted to play on until the end. I asked him and he said that he was feeling good and wanted to continue. It was a normal game for him".