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Borussia Dortmund - Real Madrid

Varane: "We're in good shape and must continue to give our all"

NEWS | 27/09/2016

"The team worked very well and we had the chance to have won the game", commented Keylor Navas.
Raphaël Varane netted Real Madrid's second goal in Dortmund and at the final whistle he shared his impressions of the game: "I think that the draw is the fairest result for both sides. They had more possession, but we hurt them on the counter. We lacked a bit of concentration and energy at the end, but it's not a bad result".

"I was in need of a game like that one. I'm in good shape, as is the team. When you end up dropping points at the end of the game you can never be happy, but we're ok, we must keep on working hard and we'll continue to give our all".

Borussia's first goal
"It was a bit of bad luck, because the ball hit me in the face. Such is football, these things happen, it wasn't a mistake from Keylor. It's gone and it doesn't matter now and we have to keep on working hard".

Navas: "The team worked really well"
"They had a move at the end of the game in which Schürrle hits the ball hard into the roof of the net, but the team worked very well and we had the chance to have won the game. We put in tremendous effort. For the first goal, it was a mistake from me because the ball caught me by surprise and that cost us a goal. But we're able to acknowledge where we didn't do well and work on those things to ensure that they don't happen again".

James: "We enjoyed some good spells at a very difficult ground".

"We’re all here to help our teammates. I was calm during the game. I’ve been out for a long time but I’m back now and I have to keep working just like the rest of my teammates. I always take the attitude that I have to train, work hard and be ready for whatever the coaching staff ask of me. Casilla has done well whenever he’s played and we all support him. I’m happy to be back playing".

James: “We showed positive signs”
"I think we deserved to win the game and it’s bad luck that we conceded the goal right at the end. But we showed positive signs and we enjoyed some good spells at a very difficult ground where Dortmund always play well".

Next clash
"They’re a tough opponent, there’s a long way to go and we have to carry on. Even though we’ve drawn the last two games in the league, we don’t want to keep playing badly. Now it’s back to the league on Sunday and we have to go out looking for a win".

Danilo: “We came close to winning it”
"We’re happy with how we played. We came close to winning it, we played well and showed concentration. The draw isn’t a bad result. We feel positive, even though we’re a bit down heartened because we had chances to have won the game. Getting a draw at such a tough ground isn’t bad at all. We showed what we can do, but we have to keep going and focus on winning the game against Éibar".