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Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo: “The Champions League is special, every match feels like my first”

INTERVIEW | 01/05/2016

“I admired Zidane as a player and now as a coach as well”, he said in an interview with UEFA.

Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview to UEFA's official media in which he talked about his experiences in the Champions League, Manchester City, Zidane and about his pride at being the competition's leading scorer: “It's a privilege for me to know that I am the highest goal scorer in the history of the Champions League. It's a privilege, and obviously I'm very happy to have achieved it”.

  1. Two years ago, you won the Champions League in Lisbon. Can you describe what the victory meant for you on a personal level?

    To win it with Real Madrid was a beautiful feeling, wonderful, because the Champions League is always a special competition, and to win it in Lisbon, in front of a Portuguese crowd, was special too.

  2. ¿Do you still get the same feeling when you hear the Champions League music as you did when you started out in this competition in 2003?

    It's a different feeling, a different sensation. Like I said, it's a special competition and the emotions are different too. That's why I feel every game in the Champions League like it were my first. Obviously, winning it is a priority for Real Madrid. We know we face a difficult challenge but anything is possible. If Manchester City have made it to the semi-finals, it's because they're an excellent team. Knocking out PSG is not an easy task, but they managed to do it. They are a team with very few weaknesess.

  3. Your hat-trick against Wolfsburg sent the team into the semi-finals. Where do you rank that performance in terms of your greatest nights in this competition?

    It was perhaps one of the most important games: we had to win by three goals and I scored all three, so it was a special night. It had to be perfect and that's how it turned out. It wasn't just because of my goals, I think it was everything. I think the team played very well… and our fans as well, who played a very important role in the come back. It was a brilliant night, a magical moment.

  4. What has Zidane brought to the team since taking charge?

    I think we feel more appreciated under Zidane. We feel his affection, we know he's in a period of adaptation, but things have come together very quickly and I'm really happy for him. I always admired him as a player, and now as a coach as well, for how behaves, how he deals with the players. He's a coach who I would like to see stay at Real Madrid.