Betis - Real Madrid

Pepe: “We worked like a team and showed character"

NEWS | 24/01/2016

“We were intense and attacked but when the ball doesn't want to go in, it doesn't go in", said James. 
Pepe started against Betis and explained his feelings about the game: "We tried to make a comeback but it was not possible. We fought and worked as a team. Their goal was a great goal, with a lot of luck. They only had that chance in the first half. I think that we deserved a win and sadly that wasn't to be".

"We started well, with intensity. We pressured in attack and did not let them out of their half. We lacked luck, we worked well and we are assimilating what Zidane wants us to. The most important thing is that we worked like a team and showed character. That is what we have to take away for the upcoming games. We are improving and gradually taking the manager's ideas on board in terms of fitness".

“He did really well, and helped our attacking game. Everyone here is a good player with the quality to play. We have to give everything and work as a team".

La Liga
“It is tough. We know that it is very difficult and we have to keep working and battling. We also have to recognise the mertis of the sides that we play against".

James: “We did things well"
“We did things well today, we were intense and attacked. I tried to score but was unable to. It is necessary to be calm, when the ball doesn't want to go in, it doesn't go in".

Navas: "We have to keep going and show character".

“I want to be fit in order to help everyone. Everything that is being said is untrue. I am relaxed and feel good. I always give everything in training. Those around me know that I am a great professional. I train strongly every day. It is also necessary to say sorry because people make mistakes. It was nothing serious, unlike what people are saying".

“I think that the change has been good and we are all doing well with him, everyone listens more to the new manager. Zidane is the one in charge and I have to pay attention to him. I have a good relationship with him, we have talked a lot and everything is fine".
Navas: “In the second half we moved the ball around quicker"
“We cannot be happy without the win. It is necessary to be aware that we have to win. The team worked and tried to get a result from the game. In the second half we worked really well but they also defended well and had a move in the first half that they were able to make the most of".
"All the points that you fail to win are important, but we have to keep moving forward with the upcoming games. It is important to be clear about what we need to do to win the remaining games. We are not going to change anything, we all know what we need to do to win and we are going to try and do that better in the next game. We have to keep going and really stand up for the team, we are confident".

Modric and James
“Modric always helps us a lot, in each game he shows why he is at Real Madrid and the quality he has. We are happy with his performance. James has the support of all the team, he makes a lot of effort. He is working really well in training and he did really well in the game".