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Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano

Benítez: “We did what we had to do: scored goals and won”

NEWS | 20/12/2015 | Javier García

“The team reacted well when the match got tricky”, he added.
Rafa Benítez praised his team for getting a win against Rayo Vallecano: “There were three phases in the match: the first, in which we scored and did what we knew we were capable of doing, and constantly looked to get in behind their defenders; the second, when we conceded two goals and needed to pay more attention in defence; and the third, when the team got into the game by making the most of the numerical advantage. From that point on we did what we needed to do, scored goals”.

“Unlike the players I get to leave the dressing room a bit later and focus on the game. We started scoring and the supporters were happy. None of us want to make mistakes and when we overcome them we have to take advantage of the situation presented to us, and that's what we did today”.

Game plan
“As a manager you're trying to get your team to score, keep the opposition quiet and attack and defend well. Like I've said before, the la Décima anthem reflects what we need to do: 'Hala Madrid and nothing else'. I like those lyrics and I believe they can help all of us. I got to the technical area with my mind fully focused on the game. The team scored and looked to be playing well. It satisfied me when the match got difficult and we reacted well”.

Two goals conceded
“The lapse of concentration for the set piece goal could play a bit of a role in how we assess things. Anyone could see that we lost our concentration for a few minutes, but then the team did what they needed to do, tried to score goals and eventually managed to do so”.


“We have addressed this issue many times and nothing has changed. A section of the supporters weren't happy during this period of the game and we had to improve things, which is what we tried to do”. 

Did the atmosphere have an effect?
“No, because it was a short period of time and was over very quickly. It didn't last long and it didn't affect us. We conceded twice early on, but the team reacted well. I'm not going to get into the referee's decisions but after the sending off the team did what they had to do. I don't know what else can be expected of us, other than trying to play well and score goals”.

Paco Jémez's criticism of referee
“With all the games we've played there have been many situations that haven't gone our way and I've never said anything about the referees. I'm not going to start speaking about them now either”.

The match at El Madrigal
“That has no relation to this match because we started scoring today and did what we talked about doing. Things have completely changed since that match”.