La Copa de Europa de baloncesto ya está en el Tour del Bernabéu

The basketball side's La Novena can now be seen on Bernabéu Tour

NEWS | 20/05/2015

The trophy won on Sunday can be viewed alongside the other 8 European Cups.
Real Madrid's ninth basketball European Cup can now be viewed on the Bernabéu Tour. The trophy won by the side on Sunday against Olympiacos is in the Real Madrid Museum and can be see by fans. La Novena sits alongside the eight other European Cups won by the basketball side.

During its first few hours on show, lots of visitors have already come to see it. “I feel proud being able to look at the last title won by team, Real Madrid”, stated a Sevillian fan. "We really like basketball. When we saw La Novena, we got a pleasant surprise", said one of the first Real Madrid followers to pose next to the trophy that is now on display at the Bernabéu Tour.