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Córdoba - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: “The aim was to win to stay top and we accomplished that"


NEWS | 24/01/2015 | Javier García

“We made the most of our chances from dead ball situations to score our two goals".
Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the press room of Córdoba stadium following Real Madrid's victory: “The objective was to win all three points and stay top of La Liga. It was difficult but we did it. I did not enjoy the first half much and got annoyed a few times on the bench”.

“Córdoba played very well. They fought for every ball and were very good on the break. We struggled in this game but the important thing was to take three points and we've done just that. I congratulate Córdoba for how well they played”.

The importance of the strategy
“We made the most of our dead ball situations to score the first and second goals. It wasn't that easy to play the ball on the deck because the grass wasn't in a good state”.


“I see the Lucas Silva signing as a positive thing. He is a very good player and is still young. He is going to help us because he has a lot of quality and is an intelligent player. He is going to be a very useful for us this season”.

Khedira instead of Illarra
“I went with that option to create more space on the wing because there was more room for Khedira on the right and in the centre of midfield. Then I brought on Illarra in the centre of the park and gave Kroos more space to push on further”.

Ronaldo's sending off
“I didn't see anything and haven't spoken with him. I can't judge what happened”.