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Málaga - Real Madrid

Casillas: "We knew it would be difficult to achieve the record but we've done it"


NEWS | 29/11/2014 | Javier García (Malaga) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

"It is a day to congratulate Ancelotti and the whole squad", added Sergio Ramos.
Iker Casillas highlighted the work of the whole squad in achieving the record of 16 straight wins: "We are happy with our accomplishment. We knew it would be difficult to achieve the record but we've done it. We have been working well for two months. We are making the fans happy, which is what we want to do and is the reason we play. The matches build up, they're ever more demanding, and teams have extra motivation to beat you."

"Madrid is always at its best towards the tailend of the season. If there are not good results at the end and we don't get through the final challenges it will all be for nothing. We have a great manager, we've brought in reinforcements and, at the end of the day, with patience and calmness we are reaping the benefits. Everything is going to plan."
Keylor Navas
"He is a good team-mate and a good professional. The manager makes the decision as to who plays and that's fine by me. He trains well. There's also Pacheco, who is a young lad and we're all behind him."

Xabi Alonso
"Xabi Alonso's statements don't interest me. What I am interested in is the fact that he is a great player and a great professional."

Ramos: "It is an historic night"
"It really is an important day, an historic night. It is a day to congratulate Ancelotti and the whole squad. Now we want to keep on taking three points from every three available. We know that this is always a tough ground to come to. We went out looking to win from the first minute. It was a fair result and we leave here happy."

We are delighted with the relaxed atmosphere in the dressing room at the moment.

"It was a special day for Isco. The ovation he was given was a lovely gesture; that kind of personal and professional recognition always means a lot. It reminds me of when I return home."

Marcelo: "We fought hard to win here"
"We have achieved a record that really shows the work we've been putting in over a long time, as well as the strength and effort of the whole team. But our objective is to win every match with humility, grit and determination."

"It was a tough game; it is always difficult to win here. There are days when the ball won't go in and everything seems more difficult, but we fought hard and worked our socks off to win today. A match can get complicated in the space of three minutes because the opponents can score so we had to concentrate from the first minute until the final whistle."

The team's fitness
"We are not tired. I feel fine and I think the rest of the team does as well. It's obvious that when you play a lot of matches we become increasingly more tired, but the dedication of all the players is spectacular."

Ballon d'Or
"That's not something we talk about. We only talk about it when you ask us. Cristiano has to win the Ballon d'Or and certain people shouldn't make their opinion known."