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Entrevista a Ancelotti

Ancelotti: “The Décima is the start of a cycle”


NEWS | 03/06/2014

Real Madrid is no longer just a team, it is becoming a global religion; I'd never seen anything like what I saw after the Champions League”, said the manager on Realmadrid TV.
Having completed his first season with the club, Ancelotti spoke to Realmadrid TV about the year and the team's success. The manager gave his take on the Champions League and showed his ambitious side: “Everyone's idea was to win and we did it. We're very happy. You are always hopeful but you can't always be successful. It's not just a question of technique and mentality, you also need a little luck and to be on form at the key moment”.

“This Champions League win is not the end of a cycle, it is the start of one. We have a very young and high quality team. We have players who will improve next season, such as those who arrived this year; Illarra, Isco…".

"This cup motivates us to be better next year. Previous years have provided motivation and strength to the team because of negative experiences. It's not easy reaching three semi-finals in a row and not playing in the final”.

La Décima
“I believed Real Madrid had the quality to win it and I've always had maximum confidence. In each Champions League match I saw a different atmosphere in the dressing room because it was so motivating for everyone. Everybody was talking about the Décima and that gave us confidence and strength to play the matches with personality and courage. The pressure to win the Décima was positive pressure”.

“I never thought that the final was lost. I'm an optimist. Time was going too quickly, but the team was doing very well. We did it with two minutes to spare but we had chances to equalise beforehand".

"I didn't celebrate Ramos' goal much because I started to think about extra time and how to arrange the team. When Marcelo scored I thought the match was over, that we were champions of Europe. La Décima is home”.

Impressed by the celebrations
“I'd never seen what I saw after winning the Décima. It was crazy. Real Madrid is not just a football team, it's becoming a global religion. I've seen a lot of videos from the fans and it's really incredible.


“The eleventh European Cup brings with it various problems. The first being extending the Santiago Bernabéu trophy cabinet. We have a very good future, a great squad. The base is very strong and I like it”.

Florentino and the Décima
“The president was the happiest of all when we won the Champions League. Everyone felt the pressure, but the president more than anyone. He always showed me confidence. At the end of the season he came into the dressing room to give the players a boost, confidence and morale. That helped the team. I think he is the number one Madrid fan and having a president who has Real Madrid in his heart is different to having a president who has not had that from birth”.

“If Cristiano plays the match starts at 1-0”
“Cristiano's statistic is  not complicated: one goal per match. If Cristiano plays the match starts at 1-0. He really surprised me with his dedication, professionalism and leadership qualities. He is not just a player who scores important goals. He was also fundamental in the relationship between Benzema, Bale and Cristiano. They had a fantastic season, scoring and setting up goals”.

“Bale tries things at a pace that nobody else can”
“Some players who come from England have problems; not Bale. He didn't start well because he was not here for the pre-season, but then he did well. He worked well and scored two goals in the finals. I don't know what will happen when he does a complete pre-season... It was like he had a motorbike for his goal against Barcelona. His physique and quality are extraordinary. He tries things at a pace that nobody else can”.

“Ramos is the best defender in the world”
“Ramos, after Christmas, was another player who was decisive for the titles. He has everything Maldini had: personality, technical quality, the ability to lead on and off the pitch. I've never compared anyone to Maldini. At the moment Sergio is the best defender in the world”.

Settled in Madrid
“Madrid fans show me a lot of affection. I'm very comfortable in Madrid. I really like going to the cinema and I go a lot. I also like to sing. I told José Ángel that if we won the Champions League I would sing in the stadium. Also, the Décima song is spectacular. We have to win the eleventh European Cup now because I'm going to sing it again".