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Barcelona - Real Madrid

Ramos: “Today is a magical day”

NEWS | 16/04/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Valencia)

“The team was great, they knew how to dig in and deserved to win because they created more chances”, stated Cristiano Ronaldo.
In a state of euphoria after winning his second Copa del Rey title with Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos expressed his feelings at the final whistle: “Today is a magical day. It requires a lot of effort to win titles and this is the fruit of our labour, a reward for all our sacrifice during the year. It is a hugely important title. It was a very tense match and now we have to enjoy the victory because Real Madrid is once again the champion”.

“Obviously this will give us a big moral boost for the remainder of the season. We need to continue in the same vein because we have to play in the Champions League next week. We are really grateful for all the love from our fans. Hopefully they will wait up for us in Madrid because we want to celebrate with them”.

Cristiano Ronaldo: "We have to enjoy this"
“The team was great, they knew how to dig in and deserved to win because they created more chances. I'm very happy. It is the first trophy of the season but we will keep on fighting for the other two. The manager also deserves congratulations because he picked a good team. We have to enjoy today. It was a massive effort to get to the final and beating Barcelona makes it even more special”.

“I'm really happy. I wanted to play and help the team but my team mates did a great job. I'm getting better, now I don't feel any pain. I might be back in time for next Wednesday or perhaps the second leg of our Champions League tie. Bit by bit I'm feeling better and what I want more than anything is to be able to help the team out as soon as possible”.

Di María: “It is a reward for the hard work we have put in”
Di María was one of the standout players against Barcelona and opened up the scoring in the match. The Argentine seemed extremely happy after the game: “This has been a team effort and the joy should be splity evenly between everyone. This is a reward for the hard work we have been putting in all year. First we'll celebrate with the fans here and then we'll head to Madrid to keep the party going”.

“Things worked out really well, just like we planned. We couldn't ask for more, the way the fans walked us from our hotel to the stadium. Everything we did on the pitch was for them”.