Real Madrid - Barcelona

Cristiano Ronaldo: “Maybe they don't want Real Madrid to win this Liga”

NEWS | 23/03/2014 | Bábara jiménez

“We are fine, you cannot give up the fight because of one game”, said the Portuguese.
Cristiano Ronaldo was a key player in the clash with Barcelona and scored the Whites' third. The striker spoke about his feelings on the Clásico: “We are sad because we knew we deserved more, but the fight goes on. It is difficult because a lot of people did not want us to win and Barcelona would have been out of it. Maybe they don't want Real Madrid to win this Liga. I've been here for five years, so I know how a lot of things are and I hope to win it regardless of this”.


"It's a feeling of sadness after being 3-2 up and controlling the game. The referee made some unbelievable decisions, but you have to carry on. We were unlucky with everything that happened, but we are still ahead of them and the Liga goes on. We have only lost one game, it is all open and I think the team is fine".

The referee
“There were a lot of errors in one match. In a Real Madrid-Barcelona you have to have a referee who is up to the game. I don't want to look for excuses but if you look at the 90 minutes the referee made a lot of mistakes. Really bad. In my opinion he was not up to a match of this stature. Hopefully it won't be the same in the final of the Copa del Rey”.

“I looked at him and he was pale, that's because he was so nervous and he was unable to make the right decisions. A referee has to be relaxed in order to do as well as possible. It makes me think that matches are not only won on the pitch, but also with a little help off of it".

Message for the fans
“Real Madrid is the biggest club and that creates a lot of envy around it. You can say that the treatment is the same, but it's not. Real Madrid is the best in the world and it will fight until the end. The fans were great, they spurred us on, and I have to thank them for their support since the start of the season. I believe we are going to win the league”.