Real Madrid - Barcelona

Ancelotti: “Now we have to focus on Wednesday's match, which will be very important”

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NEWS | 23/03/2014 | javier garcía

“The team played well, applied pressure up front and had a lot of chances”, added the coach in the press room.
Carlo Ancelotti gave the press his opinion on the Clásico played in the Santiago Bernabéu: “It was a good match, we applied pressure up front, tried to control the game and avoid Barcelona possession. I think we did it well, although we did make some small mistakes and that is why we didn't win”.

“I told the players that in general it was a good match, they played with intensity and fought hard throughout. Now we have to forget this match and think about Wednesday, which could be a key game in the season. We have to be happy with the way we played this game, luck was not on our side but the team proved to be fit and we have the drive and ability to put this match quickly behind us”.

The fight for the championship
“I have said many times that this Liga is open until the last game. We have to fight and respond well. We have an important game on Wednesday and we need to respond immediately. The team played well, applied pressure up front and had a lot of chances".


“We are not happy because we have lost an important opportunity but it does not matter. La Liga is wide open and we are going to keep fighting. There are nine matches left and, as I have said, it will be a very intense race for everyone. La Liga is wide open for all three teams and any match could be key”.

The Ramos penalty and the controversy
“I haven't seen it, it is difficult for me to comment on the referee's decisions in this match because he had a lot of decisions to make. It was the key moment in the match because we were 3-2 ahead and then everything changed. With a man down it is difficult to control the game. I have not spoken to the players about this. I don't know, it could be that some decisions went against us but that doesn't change anything. What we have to do now is prepare well for the Sevilla game”.

Di María and the midfielders
"Di María's movement behind Alves in the first half was great and we scored two goals through it. The midfield was under control. Because of the characteristics of their players it is logical that they had more possession and we pushed more up front. Di María is comfortable in the position he is playing in. He is doing very well. His position in the centre is good for the balance of the team".

Clashes with Barcelona and Atlético
“In the first two matches against Barcelona and Atlético we deserved to lose. This time around we didn't deserve to lose, it was a balanced match. We have improved a lot in that time and we have played 31 matches without losing. The team has been playing quality football and we did so in this match too”.

“He scored three goals and he's an important player, but I think we controlled him well, he didn't have many chances. His control was good for the second goal. With a player of his quality, sometimes if you are not well-positioned on the pitch, he punishes you”.