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The Sierra Leone Chapter of the Pena Madridista Club began during the 2017-2018 season and finally became a reality on the 24th October 2019, after the Sierra Leone Chapter was formally register as part of the supporters club of  Real Madrid. 

Such thrilled events support the foundations to continue in it development in Sierra Leone  and currently as a robust family of over 250 members, with 40 registered International Madridista Card Holder and 50 registered Local Penista Card Holders  who share a common support, unity in sport and love for our beloved Real Madrid Football Club.

Part of our key objectives said the President of the supporters club is to share our unified desire for Real Madrid and to construct a boundless social network within Sierra Leone.

The majority of Sierra Leonean’s both home and abroad are dying supporters of Real Madrid Football Club, the supporters increasing numbers lead us to form the Pena Madridista in Sierra Leone, which is legally register and recognized under the laws of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leoneans’ affection for Real Madrid is greatly seen by the number of people all over the country that are buying and using the Real Madrid Jerseys, from a random survey done by members of the supporters club in Sierra Leone with local traders selling different football club Jerseys in different part of the country it’s was impressive to note that one of the highest sale Jerseys is the Real Madrid Jerseys. 

Sierra Leone is an independent country in the West Coast Africa, it is known for its white sand beaches lining in the Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone is also a perfect place for tourists and other visitors with all the beaches and weather conditions.  

The Supporters Club is characterized by its mix nature of our local tribes and culture in which there is only one universal language, which is Pena Madridista Sierra Leone. No matter where each member came from, everyone, without exception, is free to enjoy Real Madrid and football with good company. This amazing atmosphere created by the supporters club has contributed to its rapid growth in Sierra Leone.