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All Whites Bangladesh was established on 29th September 2013 with a very simple motto, to create a  standard, strong, and united fan-base of Real Madrid in Bangladesh.

Back in the beginning of the last  decade, it wasn’t easy for us to achieve what we desired. But we were determined and tried our best to  build a platform the way we wanted to.

With the help of social media, our club grew with passing days  and at present we represent a Real Madrid Supporters’ Club of more than 50 thousand members. We  have arranged numerous events including match day get togethers in all our recent Champions League  finals.

We take part in various social activities and we also have a local football team that holds our  banner. We wouldn’t say that we are 100% successful at our club goals, but we believe we will find a  way to finish the work we started. In this journey, we have always had support and love from our beloved Madridistas of Bangladesh. It’s the kind of inspiration that will help us achieve many things in  future!