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Rueda de prensa de Chus Mateo

Chus Mateo: “We have to defend as a team and stick together”

NEWS STORY. 07/06/2023

"We are going to turn the momentum around to get the win on our home court", said Rudy prior to the second game against Joventut.

Chus Mateo and Rudy Fernández discussed the Endesa League semi-final playoff game against Joventut, which will take place this Thursday at the WiZink Center (9pm CEST): "We have to stick together as a team in the second game. We have to be able to have a fresh approach to the game. The WiZink will help when we need them to give us a hand. We need them to get behind us, this team deserves it for their dedication".

"We're certainly going to try to get back to winning ways. There's going to be no lack of effort because we still have the ambition to go as far as we can. We're strong because we fight together to the end and we've given our all on every ball. That's the way to beat Joventut".   
"We must recover the energy to defend as a team much better and offer a little more. We have to rebound in such a way that they don't hurt us too much with second chances. We need to improve on those aspects".
Rudy: " We're only focused on this game"
"We have to get better in many aspects compared to the first game. Joventut scores very well and they know how to play offensively. We have to learn from our mistakes in order to change the dynamic. In order to do that we have to take care of our defence".

"Losing home-court advantage is important, but we're going to turn the momentum around and try to get the win on our home court. We have to go game by game and we're only focusing on tomorrow's game".
Support from the fans
"The fans have to respond like they did in the fifth game against Partizan. The mental requirement is big and we have to focus on what we have to play for. We have to be ready to carry on showing what we've been doing lately".