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Alaba: "Real Madrid is the best club in the world and we like that pressure."

NEWS STORY. 11/04/2023. Mireia Jiménez

"It's not easy to beat us at home in front of our fans, we saw that last year," added the defender..

Alaba answered questions from the media at the press conference ahead of the Champions League quarter-final first leg against Chelsea. The defender analysed the match: "I think it depends on a lot of factors, a lot of small details. It's a very special game. The Champions League has a unique history and we're focused and very confident. We want to achieve our goal and get the win."
"I know what I am capable of and the quality I have to help the team. I always focus on myself and work hard. I'm feeling really good now. I've had some problems with a couple of injuries, but I'm confident and ready to play."

Handling the pressure
"The pressure is very high given Real Madrid's history. We know this, but we love this kind of pressure and can handle it. Real Madrid is a special club, the best club in the world, and we have to manage that pressure. We work very hard and we have a lot of confidence. We want them to be proud of us.

"Most of the time Madrid are the favourites, but we don't think about that. We have been training very well. The objective is to reach the semi-final and it all starts tomorrow. We have to play well and go for the win. It's different this year as we play the first leg at home and the second leg away, but we know what we can do over two games and what our strengths are. We are very confident and this is what we work every day for."

The Bernabeu factor
"I don't think Chelsea will be wary. It's a special game, in a special stadium and in front of our fans, who are very special too. It's not easy to beat us at home in front of our fans. We saw this in the Champions League last year."

Benzema and Vini Jr.
"They are a great duo. You can see it in training every day and every weekend in the game. We are delighted to have them with us. It's no surprise to me how well they play together because I see them working every day. Karim is a leader in the dressing room and he always tries to help the younger players like Vini Jr.

On Chelsea
"We never underestimate our opponents. We know they have a great squad and they are a great team so we have to focus on ourselves and be very focused on putting pressure on them from the first minute. They have good players and they are a strong team."


"The changes they have gone through over the last week could help them, we know that, but we have to stay focused because they still have a great squad and anything can happen. They played against Dortmund and beat them. The key will be to believe in ourselves."

His position
"It's no secret that I can play in various positions. I'm a flexible player, but I feel more comfortable at centre-back, where I've played for the last four years. What I want to do is help the team to win. I've had coaches who have wanted to try playing me in a number of positions throuought my career. Now I play in defence as a centre-back and I feel very good there."

"He is a great coach, he has proven that many times. He is no stranger to success and we've all seen that in the past. We are very happy to have him and we would love him to continue next year.

On Valverde
"He is doing very well and he's had support from all of us. He is training very well and very focused for the game."

"The objective every year is to win the league. This year we've dropped points, but we have to keep going, stay calm and focused and take it one game at a time. This is what makes us so special, that we compete until the end."

Last year's celebration
"It was very special and I can confirm that I got that chair and I have it at home."

Bayern-Manchester City
"I'm going to support Bayern, I was there for a long time and I have a very fond past there. I think it will be a very interesting game. Two great teams going head-to-head.

His votes for The Best
"It wasn't me who chose. We are a team and everybody can vote. In the end, there is one result and that's what it was."

"I am very appreciative of my career. If there's one special player I can think of, it would be Frank Ribery, who turned 40 recently and I've had him on my mind over the last few days."