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Ancelotti: “We'll have to show the best of ourselves in every sense to win the Clásico"

NEWS STORY. 18/03/2023. Alberto Navarro

“We're on a good run and we're excited and motivated for what's to come in the next few months", said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the media room at Real Madrid City on the eve of his Real Madrid's Clásico clash on LaLiga matchday 26. The coach discussed the game, saying: “We have to enjoy the moment and be on the front foot in a hugely important game. We can win it if we're able to show the best of ourselves in every sense; individually, collectively, in attack and defence. We're not thinking about the league being over, we're focused on winning tomorrow's game. That's the only thing in our minds, we want to cut the deficit”.

“We'll have a plan because we know each other so well, there are no secrets. You just think about how to cause them problems and hurt them with how we go about the game. That will be in our minds until kick-off. We'll look to attack but without taking too many risks”.

The opposition
“They are solid at the back and don't concede many goals. That's how they've managed to win games despite being up against it more than they're used to. It's very difficult to know how the game will go because each one is different. In the Copa they were defensive because they had the lead. Depending on what happens in the match, they will change their approach.".

“We have to look at Barcelona like a lion tomorrow, not a cat. If you go into it thinking they're a little cat, you'll take it too lightly and it's a huge game in which we have to fight to the end and show real commitment. I wouldn't say I'm scared or worried about it but you always get nervous in the hours before the biggest games, at least I do".

The team's run of form
“Since the 2nd of January up until now the team has been fantastic. The technical and fitness data confirm we're in really good shape. We're excited and motivated for what's to come in the next few months. We're stronger at the back now and effective going forward. The team looks good and is perfectly capable of continuing the run until the end of the season".

His future
“I've said time and again that I would stay at this club for the rest of my life but that's impossible. It's a decision for the club to make and they will do so at the end of the season, whatever happens. My stance is that I would like to continue and I hope I can do so. I enjoy every day that the club wants me to be here. If they want me for three months, I'll make the most of it and the same goes as if they want me for three years. I'll be grateful to the club for the time I've spent here for the rest of my life. Anyway, I'm certain we'll win something this season and that will put the doubts at rest. We're at a disadvantage in the Copa and LaLiga but that's not the case in the Champions League”.

Praise for Kroos and Modrić
“They're still the best and I'm surprised when I hear people doubting them".

Vini Jr.
“He's struggled a bit more in recent games, but Vini Jr. is always Vini Jr. His mobility gives us so much, I'm thinking about putting him on the right because he's capable, but we'll see. That freedom and playing without a fixed reference point could be crucial. It's another problem for the defenders. I'm kidding about him playing on the right... he'll be on the left but with greater freedom”.

Benzema's recovery
“He's fine and he'll be playing".

“He's doing a fantastic job. He's in great form, just like Tchouameni was early on in the season. They have both stepped up really well to replace a legend and a guy who has been the best in the world in that position for a number of years. They are the future”.

“I'm a fairly honest guy and for me, he's among the best in the world. He's got it all; he's quick, aggressive, fantastic in one-on-ones, he's strong in the air, good with the ball. He's got one problem and that's the fact he's not always 100% focused, and he's not the prettiest to look at”.

The Champions League draw
“Last year the second legs were all at home and that really helped us but I'm not thinking about them being away this year. I just know the Bernabéu will really get behind us in the first games”.