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Los entrenadores de las escuelas de la Fundación en Filipinas, juntos por primera vez en una formación presencial

Coaches of the Foundation's schools in the Philippines get together for face-to-face training for the first time

NEWS STORY. 18/01/2023

In collaboration with the Fundación Anakk, Fundación Roxas and Fundación Santiago, the schools benefit over 500 vulnerable young people.

The coach-educators of the Real Madrid Foundation's social sports schools in the Philippines have come together in real life for the first time. They took part in the second Football Training Sessions event in the city of San Carlos, thanks to the support of our local partners, Fundación Anakk, Fundación Roxas  and Fundación Santiago. The delegate for sports of the San Carlos Marty Cui city council attended the first day of the event to show his support for a program which also promotes local cultural development, social cohesion and a community spirit.
Following the online training carried out at the start of the season, some thirty local coaches took part in this face-to-face course. An educator was sent from Madrid to continue the training in football and values based around the educational methodology For a Real Education: Values and Sport. These trips are supported by Úbico.
More than 500 young people at risk of social exclusion benefit from the social sports activities as part of these comprehensive childhood support projects. The aim is to offer a healthy educational-leisure space, provide for their basic needs and avoid school drop-out. The first Real Madrid Foundation social sports school in the Philippines was opened in 2011 alongside the Anakk NGO, in the Davao del Sur region, and there are now seven schools currently being run throughout the country.