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Florentino Pérez: “Together we have come through all kinds of adversity and we have achieved almost inimitable feats"

NEWS STORY. 17/12/2022

“Some 120 years on, we continue to be at the forefront in sporting, economic and solidarity terms", reflected the president at the 2022 insignia award ceremony. 

Florentino Pérez headed up the 2022 insignia award ceremony for Real Madrid members who have who have been part of the club in uninterrupted fashion for 25, 50 and 60 years. Following Emilio Butragueño's presentation, the president took to the microphone: "Welcome to one of the most emotional and cherished events we celebrate within our club. We're back together again three years on, as a result of the pandemic, which has made it impossible to enjoy what is such a special moment for us all face-to-face".
“What we would like to express to you today is Real Madrid's immense gratitude for your passion, commitment and loyalty to our club. You have demonstrated these traits throughout your lives as Real Madrid members in uninterrupted fashion for 25, 50 and even 60 years. And I, as Real Madrid president, am honoured to have had you by my side on this long and thrilling journey we have experienced together".
“These insignias you will are receiving today represent all the values which have been with us always and which have breathed life into the feeling that is madridismo. Values such as sacrifice, effort, hard work, a power to overcome, humility, respect and solidarity".
“That is what identifies Real Madrid and it is that which has allowed us to achieve things which for many would appear impossible. But we know our greatest strength is our unity. Together we have come through all kinds of adversity and we have achieved almost inimitable feats".
The club of the 24 European Cups

Real Madrid has been around for 120 years. It is the club of the 24 European Cups, 14 in football and 10 in basketball. Today we also remember the great figures who have defended the most decorated colours in the worlds of football and basketball".

Video.Institutional video of the 2022 insignia presentation ceremony

“Some of those legends are here today. They have each led different eras at our club but have always shared a forever unquestionable element: Real Madrid never gives up. We saw that once again in football last year. We witnessed something truly extraordinary which will go down in Real Madrid and world football history. The fourteenth European Cup is now a symbol of what we are as a sporting institution".
“When we stick together in the most difficult circumstances, is when our values shine brightest. That's how we've made Real Madrid the most prestigious sporting institution in the world. Some 120 years on, we continue to be at the forefront in sporting, economic and solidarity terms. We have a Real Madrid City which is admired by all who set foot in it and which has become a benchmark for the best large sporting facilities around the world".
“That's how, together, we have clinched our fifth Champions League trophy in the last 9 seasons. In football, we're enjoying one of the most spectacular winning periods of our lives: 23 titles in the last 12 seasons".
New Bernabéu
“We're now witnessing how one of our greatest dreams is becoming a reality. The transformation of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is one of the greatest feats in the history of our club. And as I've said time and again, it will mark a before and after both for Real Madrid and for the city of Madrid itself".

“The Bernabéu will become one of the largest leisure and entertainment centres in Europe and one of the main tourist attractions in our city. A pioneering architectural icon, open all year round, it will attract everyone to come and visit. A safer, more comfortable Bernabéu for members and fans, and a driver of development for an urban setting that will be transformed thanks to the great power of a stadium, which is due to be finished next year”.
Demanding excellence
“Madridismo is demanding, it's the constant pursuit of excellence. That's why we always want more. We have 14 European Cups and now we're fighting for a 15th. That's how we approach life and sport. Our greatest figures, like Santiago Bernabéu, Alfredo Di Stéfano, Paco Gento and our honorary president Amancio Amaro, showed us the path we must take to continue growing this legendary status and the feeling that is madridismo”.
“We're proud to continue down this path and to hold a place in the hearts of millions of people in every corner of the globe, regardless of nationality, culture, language or religion".