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Formación para entrenadores de la Fundación en Angola

Training for Foundation coaches in Angola

NEWS STORY. 05/07/2022

The schools in Luena are run in collaboration with Manos Unidas and the congregation of the Handmaids of the Divine Heart.

The coaches-educators at the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sports schools in Luena (Angola) underwent training in football and values, given virtually by the Foundation's training department. Nearly 300 participants at risk of social exclusion receive education in values through sport thanks to the support of Manos Unidas and its collaboration with the congregation of the Handmaids of the Divine Heart.
The aim of the programme was to consolidate knowledge of the educational philosophy and methodology of the Real Madrid Foundation, Por una educación REAL: Valores y deporte (For a REAL education: Values and sport). Additionally, with a view to promoting the inclusion of girls in the practice of football, which is highly stereotyped as a male sport in their community, two former students participated so that they can subsequently join the group of sports coaches and become a model for all the participants, with special attention to girls and adolescents.
These are pupils of the Esclavas del Divino Corazón school. It is the only secondary school in the city and is located in a suburb that lacks health and educational infrastructures.

In 2015, Manos Unidas built two basketball courts and an indoor football pitch at the school, where social and sports activities are held. It has become a place of coexistence, which helps to reduce the high level of conflict between young people from families who have returned from refugee camps of different communities, ethnicities and religions. It also offers an opportunity to minors, preventing them from dropping out of school and child pregnancy.