Rueda de prensa de Ancelotti

Ancelotti: “We're going to do a good job so we're ready for the final"

NEWS STORY. 14/05/2022

“This dressing room is absolutely top class, highly professional and humble and respectful with it", said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the press via video-conference ahead of Real Madrid's meeting with Cádiz at the Nuevo Mirandilla on LaLiga matchday 37 (7:30pm CEST): “The players know their objective very well, we have to come into the game with focus, commitment and intensity. That's important for the Cádiz game, to deliver a good performance and try and win it".
“We have to respect the schedule. There was a game midweek but in the next two weeks, we're going to do a good job so we're ready for the final".
“I'm giving him a rest because he's earned it, I'll be resting Courtois and Vini Jr., tomorrow as well, they deserve it. They'll be back on Tuesday to prepare for the next game. Carvajal, Ceballos and Hazard will be back and next week I'll have everyone available".
Togetherness in the dressing room
“This is an absolutely top class dressing room, highly professional. There are no arrogant personalities, everyone here is humble, respectful with the kit men and the physios. It's not been easy to find that, there are far more complicated dressing rooms".

Who has surprised or disappointed you?
“I'm not disappointed with anybody, they have all worked hard, showed discipline and professionalism. I've been surprised by the lads I didn't know so well, like Valverde, Rodrygo and Camavinga. I wasn't surprised by Vini Jr. because he has that talent and he's shown it off".

Demands of the Primera División
“You win some and you lose some in sport. Someone who is able to lose is also capable of succeeding. We have to understand there are always going to be defeats in football and that happens to every coach. They're sad moments you have to go through, but that's sport. It's normal to be sad when things aren't going well but you have to look forward positively".

“We haven't spoken with the club about what he's going to do because we have the challenge of the final, after that we'll all sit down and talk about it".

“I haven't discussed this because his plan is pretty clear, I think he's still highly motivated because he's not had the best of times in recent years and he is still very eager to show his quality. I think he'll get a lot of game time next year because the class is there, we have a lot of games and there will be rotation, which we haven't managed so much this year..."

Good quality game time
"With a more complete squad you can afford to rotate more and everyone gets their chance. Choosing who will start at a great team is tough for everyone, not just the players. I don't think the amount of minutes is the most important thing, it's the quality of the game time. Rodrygo is the perfect example. He hasn't played an awful lot but whenever he has he's shown real quality and made the difference”.

Salah's comments
“He's said he's the best in the world in his position and I think he's right. A left-footed right winger like he is, is not easy to find on the market. I agree with him, I think he's the best in the world in his position".
Life in Madrid
“It's a city you could stay and live in, I have no doubt about that. It's unusual, people are happier, you live well, eat well. There's a lovely atmosphere and the climate helps. Madrid is a place to live, not just to go on holiday".