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Gento's six European Cups

NEWS STORY. 18/01/2022

The Real Madrid legend scored in the second and third European Cup finals.

Gento's legend in the history of football is forged by his success in the European Cup. Since the tournament's creation in 1955, the madridista is the only player to have won the trophy six times. He was first part of the magnificent team that won five in a row from 1956 to 1960 and then captained Real Madrid yeyé in 1966.
Gento was in the starting line-up for Real Madrid's first six European Cup finals, scoring in two of them. In the second, he scored the second goal in the 2-0 win against Fiorentina in a final played at the Santiago Bernabéu. He proved even more instrumental in the third, when his extra-time goal settled a tough encounter against Milan.
Eight finals
He played in two more European Cup finals in his career, taking his total to eight, a competition record shared with Paolo Maldini. They came in 1962 against Benfica and 1964 against Inter Milan. Gento played 88 European Cup matches, scoring 31 times.

THE FIRST (13/06/1956):
4- Real Madrid: Alonso, Atienza II, Marquitos, Lesmes II, Muñoz, Zárraga, Joseíto, Marsal, Di Stéfano, Rial and Gento.
3- Stade de Reims: Jacquet, Zimny, Jonquet, Giraudo, Leblond, Siatka, Hidalgo, Glovacki, Kopa, Bliard and Templin.

0-1 (min. 6): Leblond.
0-2 (min.10): Templin.
1-2 (min. 14): Di Stéfano.
2-2 (min. 30): Rial.
2-3 (min. 62): Hidalgo.
3-3 (min. 67): Marquitos.
4-3 (min. 79): Rial.

Referee: Arthur Ellis (England).
Stadium: Parque de los Príncipes (Paris).

THE SECOND (30/05/1957):
2- Real Madrid: Alonso, Torres, Marquitos, Lesmes II, Muñoz, Zárraga, Kopa, Mateos, Di Stéfano, Rial and Gento.
0- Fiorentina: Sarti, Magnini, Orzan, Cervato, Scaramucci, Bizzarri, Segato, Julinho, Gratton, Virgili and Montuori.

1-0 (min. 70): Di Stéfano (pen).
2-0 (min. 76): Gento.

Referee: Leo Horn (Holland).
Stadium: Santiago Bernabéu.

THE THIRD (28/05/1958):
3- Real Madrid: Alonso, Atienza II, Santamaría, Lesmes II, Santisteban, Zárraga, Kopa, Joseíto, Di Stéfano, Rial y Gento.
2- Milan: Soldan, Fontana, Maldini, Beraldo, Bergamaschi, Radice, Danova, Liedholm, Schiaffino, Grillo y Cucchiaroni.

0-1 (min. 59): Schiaffino.
1-1 (min. 74): Di Stéfano.
1-2 (min. 77): Grillo.
2-2 (min. 79): Rial.
3-2 (min. 107): Gento.

Referee: Albert Alsteen (Belgium).
Stadium: Heysel (Brusels).

LA CUARTA (03/06/1959):
2- Real Madrid: Domínguez, Marquitos, Santamaría, Zárraga, Ruiz, Santisteban, Kopa, Mateos, Di Stéfano, Rial and Gento.
0- Stade de Reims: Colonna, Rodzik, Jonquet, Giraudo, Penverne, Leblond, Lamartine, Bliard, Fontaine, Piantoni and Vincent.

1-0 (min. 2): Mateos.
2-0 (min. 47): Di Stéfano.

Referee: Albert Dusch (Germany).
Stadium: Neckarstadion (Stuttgart).

THE FIFTH (18/05/1960):
7-Real Madrid: Domínguez, Marquitos, Santamaría, Pachín, Vidal, Zárraga, Canario, Del Sol, Di Stéfano, Puskas and Gento.
3-Eintracht Frankfurt: Loy, Lutz, Eigenbrodt, Höfer, Weilbächer, Stinka, Kress, Lindner, Stein, Pfaff and Meier.

0-1 (min. 18): Kress.
1-1 (min. 25): Di Stéfano.
2-1 (min. 29): Di Stéfano.
3-1 (min. 46): Puskas.
4-1 (min. 56): Puskas.
5-1 (min. 60): Puskas.
6-1 (min. 71): Puskas.
6-2 (min. 72): Stein.
7-2 (min. 73): Di Stéfano.
7-3 (min. 75): Stein.

Referee: Jack Mowatt (Scotland).
Stadium: Hampden Park (Glasgow)

THE SIXTH (11/05/1966):
2-Real Madrid: Araquistáin, Pachín, De Felipe, Zoco, Sanchis, Pirri, Velázquez, Serena, Amancio, Grosso and Gento.
1-Partizán: Soskic, Jusufi, Vasovic, Rasovic, Mihajlovic, Kovacevic, Becejac, Bajic, Hasanagic, Galic and Pirmajer.

0-1 (min. 55): Vasovic.
1-1 (min. 70): Amancio.
2-1 (min. 76): Serena.

Referee: Rudolf Kreitlein (Germany).
Stadium: Heysel (Brusels).