Rueda de prensa de Casemiro

Casemiro: “First place is at stake and we have to play with composure”

NEWS STORY. 06/12/2021

“We're in a very good place now, the secret to this is the contribution of the whole squad", added the midfielder.

Casemiro answered questions from the media the day before the Champions League group stage match against Inter Milan (9pm CET): "We take every game seriously and with respect. Inter are a good team and first place is at stake, we have to play with composure and aware that they are the champions of the Italian league. It'll be a very difficult game".
"People often talk about rest, they are worried. We've got a technical team, we've got Pintus... and they're always looking at everything. I'm human, not a robot, and they are concerned about rest, when and how much I can play. It's important to have a healthy squad. Camavinga and Valverde are in good shape. The most important thing is having a good squad. It's a privilege to talk about Modrić and Kroos, but the most important thing is to have a squad".
Young Brazilians
"When you talk about Real Madrid, you know that the demands are the highest in the world, whether you're 18 or 35. That's why we're the best club in the world. I always tell them that they're young players coming from Brazil, from a different type of football. Adapting is difficult for us, but I tell them to enjoy the experience. It's incredible what the Brazilians have achieved this season, but we need remain humble and keep enjoying it. You can be doing well today and a not so well a bit later, you have to keep working. That's football".
"It's a privilege to have Vinicius because of the form he's currently in. He's in a very good form, and when he's playing like that, he's a big player for us. The difference this year compared to last year is that he's making a difference as a top player. He had a great game against Sevilla and that's important. Not many players have the ability to decide a game".

"Is he the most dynamic player? It's a difficult question, especially because we have players in the squad wh're also really important: Karim, Courtois, who is playing at an incredible level, and Kroos, who is on form at the moment. It's difficult because you don't see players from the other leagues either, but I have to say is that he's at a very important stage in his career and I hope he continues like this because he's very important for us".
"We're in a very good place now, we're human and we'll have times in the season when we're not as good as we should be. That's why we need a good squad. People study us, they want to give a little bit more against Real Madrid, the best club. The secret to this is the contribution of the whole squad. We have to keep working hard to win every game because that's what this team demands".

"At Real Madrid you always have to be at the top of the table, that's demanded of you. This club lives on victories and will continue to win because of that. The club has its history and its deserved status as the best club in the world. We always work to be at the top, we're aware of the responsibility of that, and the key is the desire going into each game".
Are Mbappé and Vinicius Jr. compatible?
"It's difficult to speak about Mbappé because he's not one of our players, but we have to be clear and say that he's a great player. Everyone who loves football admires him. I think he would be compatible with any player in the world. They're both playing at an incredible level in their careers and I think they'd be compatible".
Alaba and Militao in the places of Varane and Ramos
"It's hard to talk about them because they were part of an era at this club and they will always be remembered. Sergio was the captain and Varane was another great player, they won everything at this club. It's obvious that Militão and Alaba have slotted in very well and are having a great season. Militão having turned it around incredibly, and Alaba proving to be the player we knew he'd be. We also have Nacho, who works hard and always delivers when called upon, and Vallejo, who works hard and is part of the squad. Both players are playing very well and are full of confidence. Along with Courtois, who is a great player. They're Real Madrid players, performing at a high level, and that's why they're starting".
Relationship with Ancelotti
"When you hear such nice words about you from a man who's over 60 years old, who has been in football for more than 40 years and is an icon, of course it makes you feel happy. He's a very approachable coach, I have a lot of respect for him. I have learned a lot with him because he talks a lot with me and he’s very nice to me. I just want to thank him and enjoy the moment. I want to thank him and his coaching staff who're doing a great job and always want to win".
Ancelotti's second spell at the club
"He still has a burning desire to succeed and to prove that he's a top coach. The enthusiasm that they transmit in training and in matches surprises me the most. After so many years in football you'd think they'd relax, but they fight harder and are more focused than we are".
Benzema missing against Inter
"Karim being out means we're losing the best number nine in the world, and we'll certainly need him. We have Jović and Mariano, who've already played there. Luca had a great game the other day. Especially because he doesn't play a lot and it's difficult to come in".
"He's young, he's keen and humble to learn. He has a lot of energy and we can't put too much pressure on him because he's only 18 years old and obviously he can still make mistakes, but he's another player we're looking to. He's already involved at the club and the coaching staff believe in him, that's why he's getting a lot of minutes in his first year at the club".