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Ancelotti opens Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea 2021/22 academic year

NEWS STORY. 16/11/2021. Rodrigo Salamanca. Photographer: Víctor Carretero

"This is the most prestigious, most historied club in the world with the biggest fan base", commented the madridista coach.

Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, and Emilio Butragueño, director of institutional relations at Real Madrid and director general at the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea, were on hand to open the auditorium at Real Madrid City and mark the start of the 2021/22 academic year. The ceremony was also attended by Elena Gazapo, dean of the Universidad Europea, and Miguel Pardeza and Manolo Sanchís, directors of the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea’s postgraduate programmes.

The 16th cohort comprises students of over 50 nationalities and features 16 master’s courses related to sport. In his address, Ancelotti commented that: “This is the most prestigious, most historied club in the world and it has the biggest fan base; it’s a big responsibility. This club has won the Champions League 13 times and nobody else has done that. That’s down to its values and the challenges it has overcome, which have put it in the position it’s now in. I was fortunate enough to coach this club a few years ago and I’m now back and trying to enjoy it again”.
La Décima
“La Décima (the club’s 10th European Cup crown) was one that everyone associated with Real Madrid wanted to win and it was a big motivation. We very nearly ended up losing, but from the first whistle to the last, the players wanted to win it. That’s the reason why Madrid ended up winning la Décima. It was down to the atmosphere and it wasn’t just within one group of the players. The whole dressing room was really up for it and not just the players. There were also the doctors, the kitmen, and everyone else. It was a special atmosphere and everyone had that belief”.
Changes in the world of football
“Football is changing, it has changed and it will change, nothing stands still. The methodology, game strategies, physiotherapy, the pace… It’d make no sense to suggest that players today did things in the way they were done in the 80s and the same goes for the way things were done 20 years ago. Players are now far more professional than they used to be”.

“The relationship between the players is all about group work. A coach has to instil a football philosophy. I’ve been lucky enough to do something in life that I’m passionate about and I live out that passion every day. The key to success is to do things with passion. You’ve got to work hard and have that bit of luck. You also can’t give up. Leadership isn’t something that can be taught. It’s something you’re born with”.

Butragueño: “In this academic year, you’ll discover the values that have built the greatest legacy in the world of sport”
Butragueño gave an address to welcome the students and said: “This is an iconic place because it is the home of madridismo, where the values are forged that have built our 119-year history. You face an exciting challenge and you won’t be alone because the best professors, professionals and classmates will join you on this journey. This school will offer you the best tools. The most important thing is that in this academic year, you’ll discover the values that have built the greatest legacy in the world of sport. Besides the success, trophies and achievements, this club is universal due to the values its represents, which bring together thousands of people across the world”.
“This university school is a faithful reflection of these values and what Real Madrid is all about. Our project has grown and established itself. Real Madrid is fully committed to this school and has works with great professionals who take on roles of great responsibility within our club. This will be a unique experience for you, a privileged experience, a Real Madrid experience. Make the most of it until the very last, experience it with passion and keep our motto in mind: we never give up”.
Elena Gazapo: “Real Madrid represents a culture of effort and quality”
“The shared values between two leading institutions in the shape of Real Madrid and the Universidad Europea have seen us establish this major university project, which has trained over 13,000 students globally. We want to offer a global experience and a learning journey linked to one of the greatest sporting institutions in the world in Real Madrid, which represents a culture of effort and quality”.
The event was rounded off with a conversation between Ancelotti and Butragueño in front of the school’s new intake, who had the chance to pose the madridista coach questions. The curtain came down on the ceremony to mark the start of the academic year with a traditional group photo.