Dona tus latidos

The Real Madrid Foundation, the Iker Casillas Foundation and IDOVEN join forces in the #donatuslatidos project

NEWS STORY. 20/10/2021

The aim of this initiative is to reach a total of 800 participants of the social sporting schools.

The Real Madrid Foundation, the Iker Casillas Foundation and IDOVEN launched their collaboration in the #donatuslatidos project. Enrique Sánchez, executive vice-president of the Foundation, welcomed Iker Casillas, in his capacity as president of the foundation that bears his name, and Dr. Manuel Marina Breysse, cardiologist specialising in arrhythmias and sports cardiology and CEO of IDOVEN, to Real Madrid City. The objective of the project is to reach a total of 800 children from the Foundation's social sporting projects, who will receive a cardiological analysis and whose heartbeats will contribute to the research and prevention of sudden death among groups at high risk of heart disease.

This is particularly relevant for those taking part in the Foundation's inclusive and adapted football or basketball schools, due to the heart diseases associated with conditions such as Down's syndrome or General Developmental Disorders. The Real Madrid Foundation has almost 500 participants with different abilities among its 9,000 participants in Spain.


During the ceremony, Iker Casillas said: "This project will monitor the hearts of 800 beneficiaries of the Real Madrid Foundation's social sporting schools in Spain telematically and free of charge. It's a huge opportunity for the families, but also for medical-scientific research". The monitoring will provide assessment and study data for research in the field of sudden cardiac death, as part of the #donatuslatidos movement.

The agreement with IDOVEN marks another important development in the health prevention activities carried out by the Real Madrid Foundation through various campaigns and initiatives throughout the year. IDOVEN, a Spanish startup led by a scientific and technical team, is developing this pioneering technology that will automate the diagnosis of heart disease through the use of artificial intelligence. As a result, individuals and doctors will be able to monitor heart health anywhere, even from their homes, at any time. Anyone interested can access information about the monitoring services and donate their heartbeats via the IDOVEN website. The Real Madrid Foundation will include a banner on its corporate website for the #donatuslatidos campaign.