Primera Supercopa de España

33 years since the first Spanish Super Cup

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NEWS | 29/09/2021

Real Madrid won the title at the Camp Nou on 29 September 1988 with a 3-2 aggregate win in the final.
Real Madrid won their first Spanish Super Cup on 29 September 1988. Our team, who were the league champions, took on Spanish Cup winners Barcelona in that edition of the competition.

The first leg was played on 21 September at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, where Real Madrid won courtesy of goals from Míchel and Hugo Sánchez taking a 2-0 lead in the final. The sides met again eight days later, Madrid lost 2-1 at the Camp Nou, but won the trophy 3-2 on aggregate.

FIRST LEG (Santiago Bernabéu 21/09/1988)
2- Real Madrid:
 Buyo, Esteban, Solana, Sanchís, Tendillo, Gallego, Schuster, Martín Vázquez (Gordillo, 65’), Míchel, Butragueño (Paco Llorente, 77’) and Hugo Sánchez.
0- Barcelona: Zubizarreta, López Rekarte, Alexanco, Soler, Julio Alberto (Urbano, 46'), Milla, Robert Fernández, Bakero, Carrasco (Eusebio, 69’), Begiristain and Salinas.

1-0 (min. 51): Míchel.
2-0 (min. 78): Hugo Sánchez.

SECOND LEG (Camp Nou 29/09/1988)
2- Barcelona: 
Zubizarreta, López Rekarte, Serna, Soler (Lineker, 46’), Urbano, Robert Fernández, Bakero, Eusebio, Carrasco (Milla, 83’), Begiristain and Salinas.
1- Real Madrid: Buyo, Esteban, Sanchís, Tendillo, Solana, Gallego, Schuster, Martín Vázquez, Míchel, Butragueño (Gordillo, 83’) and Hugo Sánchez.

(min. 15): Butragueño.
1-1 (min. 37): Bakero.
2-1 (min. 78): Bakero.